Suprabhat Chai – Darjeeling Green Tea Leaves With Tulsi, Kali Mirch – Butterfly Ayurveda

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Butterfly Ayurveda

Suprabhat Chai – Kapha balancing green tea for cold & cough

Rs. 350.00

Suprabhat Chai is a cognition enhancing good morning tea that helps balance Kapha dosha. It is a natural blend of Tulsi, Mulethi (licorice), Brahmi, Black pepper and selected  green tea leaves from Darjeeling. A kick start to the day, and helps improve concentration and liver health.

Our Suprabhat chai does not carry any artificial flavours, colours, scents or extracts.

Our chai comes protected inside an airtight aluminium foil, packaged carefully in a stylized cardboard pack

Being an eco-friendly brand, we use 100 percent biodegradable tea bags made of corn and wheat starch. In fact, compared to nylon tea bags, these biodegradable tea bags are actually good for health. FYI, nylon tea bags tend to release a chemical when dipped in hot water. 

We source 100 % natural ingredients from the most authentic growers and vendors. We do 100 % natural blending to keep intact the rich aroma, taste, and goodness of herbs and tea leaves.

Our packaging is colourful, reusable, and recyclable, enforcing our belief in sustainability.

Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Kali mirch (Cymbopogan citatus), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Green tea leaves.

Balances kapha dosha in the morning
Helps improve concentration
Liver Supportive & Protective
Good for the nervous system
Alleviates symptoms of a common cold

Has expectorant properties
Has antioxidant properties
Has neuroprotective properties
Has cardioprotective properties
Alleviates symptoms of common cold and fever

Has hypolipidemic properties
Has hypotensive properties
Has hepatoprotective properties
Has antioxidant properties
Good for the throat

Stimulates the taste buds
Increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, thereby enhancing the digestion process
Helps in clearing congestion and sinusitis
Serves as a natural antidepressant & energizes the nervous system

Helps in improving memory
Helps neutralize free radicals inside the brain
Works as a nervine tonic
Has neuroprotective properties
Has anti-aging properties
Helps subside stress & anxiety

Certification: All our teas are licensed under the state department of Ayush and manufactured in GMP certified premises.

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Suprabhat Chai – Kapha balancing green tea for cold & cough

Rs. 350.00