A Qigong Workshop by Shifu Rajesh Kumar

What is Qigong ? 
Qigong is a 2500 year old Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures and breathing techniques, developed by monks in deep meditation. It cultivates the internal energy ,’Qi’ which revitalizes our organs and provides strength to our Jing (body), Yi (mind), and Shen (spirit). This practice builds, accumulates and circulates the flow of ‘Qi’ energy latent in our bodies resulting in improved health, and social life conditions. 

The techniques used are in line with the ancient theories intrinsic to traditional Chinese medicine of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) and the five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidney). Regular practice of these techniques can help prevent and cure chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, white water discharge, digestion related issues, sinus, skin disorders, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, liver disorders, and mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression etc. 

The workshop will : 
- Rejuvenate the body and mind
- Induce relaxation and boost mental health
- Help unlock joints, improve body mobility, increase strength and stamina
- Re-energize you from within and increase bodily and self awareness 

This workshop is open to all!
Date : 21st June, 2022
Time: 11.30 AM (1.5 Hours)
Venue : Balance Studio, BA office


Mentor - Shifu Rajesh Kumar, also known as Shifu Xi Yan Xiang, a 34th Generation Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk, Founder of the Damo Shaolin Kung fu School, Delhi.

“More Qi - Train Harder” -   Master Shifu Rajesh Kumar’s watchwords.

Shifu Rajesh, a 34th-generation Shaolin Temple warrior monk, received his diksha from the venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin. He is also the Founder of the Damo Shaolin Kungfu School, Delhi.  He has been involved in many years of a comparative study of all types of martial arts styles, from which he has extracted a core set of technical principles that extend through the various open-hand, grappling, & weapons systems. He continues to regularly visit the Shaolin Temple to sharpen his skills and enhance his techniques till date. 

Website - https://damoshaolin.com/ 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/damoshaolinschool/
Youtube -   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJbCG6jQ6iF08iVjT4i2F3A

The Roots of Qigong
‘Yoga’ which means the union of the mind and body, comes from Ayurveda. Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science of life, has laid emphasis on the fact that most of all our health issues are psychosomatic, and hence, the practice of Yoga can help treat and cure multiple health issues including anxiety, insomnia and depression. It is from Yoga that practice of Qigong has also emerged, and is being practiced across the world. 

An Ode To Da Mo
Bodhi Dharma, An Indian Buddhist Monk - founder of Songshan Shaolin Temple (the birthplace of Qigong)

The Songshan Shaolin Temple was founded in the 19th imperial year of Tai He in the Northern Wei dynasty in 495 AD. It is popularly regarded as the birthplace of Chinese martial arts. The first patriarch of Shaolin Monastery, who established Shaolin Kung Fu, was an Indian Buddhist monk called Bodhidharma (known as Da Mo to the Chinese).