Legends of Tea
Learn about the legends and myths that led to the origin of tea!

According to a Chinese legend, tea was accidentally discovered by emperor Shen Nung approximately 3,000 years before Christ. Shen Nung was sitting in the shade of a wild tea tree, boiling some drinking water, when a breeze blew a few leaves from the tree into the pot and gave the water a delicious flavour. He researched further and found it to have medicinal properties and asked the Chinese people to cultivate the plant. Over time, this humble plant spread its reach and became the world’s favourite beverage we now call tea.

Gautam Buddha took a vow to meditate for seven years straight. He vowed not to sleep during that time. One night he could no longer fight the fatigue and fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he was so upset by his failure that he peeled his eyelashes and threw them to the ground. As soon as the lashes made contact with the soil, they grew roots which soon developed into a large bush. When Gautam Buddha saw this wonder, he put a few leaves into his mouth and chewed them. Almost immediately, it had a calming effect on his mind and he no longer felt tired and agitated. That became the beginning of this wondrous beverage we all know as tea.