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Butterfly Ayurveda

Tejas - Pitta Pacifying Cookies

Rs. 262.00 Rs. 350.00

A balanced diet is this cookie in each hand! 

Reasons to love - 
Made with refreshing flavors, this cookie packs an Ayurvedic summer punch that helps boost appetite and digestion. It has a soothing effect and balances Pitta dosha in the body.

Net weight: Pack of 8 pcs (225g approx)

In case of any questions, consult our Ayurvedic Doctor. Click Here.

Ingredients -
Whole Wheat Flour, Chestnut, Green Gram, Gram & Refined Wheat Flour, Cardamom, Fennel, Watermelon, Musk Melon & Cucumber Seeds, Brown Sugar, Cow's Ghee, and Milk

Taste and Texture - 
Perfect for a midday snack, this fragrant, pitta balancing cookie has the perfect soft crumbly texture, and the watermelon, muskmelon, and cucumber seeds add a crunchy element. The lightly roasted flavor of the gram flour elevates the sweet aroma of fennel and cardamom. Gift a box to your friend who's always on the move!

Certifications: Our cookies are made using 100% natural ingredients and are FSSAI licensed.

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Tejas - Pitta Pacifying Cookies

Rs. 262.00 Rs. 350.00