A guide to good digestion: Food for summer season

A guide to good digestion: Food for summer season
It’s no secret that when our body metabolism and digestion is good, we feel healthy and happy. But in the summer season, we are prone to facing Pitta caused indigestion, that affects the small intestine).

This type of digestion can lead to loose stool, sensations of heartburn or excessive burping and ulcers. In this case, the body craves hot and spicy food, if taken, worsens the condition.

There can be many reasons for this kind of indigestion. Maybe we’ve eaten too much, ate a heavy meal right before sleeping, mixed incompatible foods, or ate the wrong food at the wrong time.

One way to keep indigestion at bay during the summer season is to choose cooling foods over hot and spicy ones (however much we seem to crave them).

Here are some great food options for the summer:


This bitter sour wonderfruit is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, protects the body from hot winds, and releases heat from the body preventing boils, acne, rashes.

Eat it raw or drink its juice to stay cool.


Loaded with healthy fats, desi ghee can help restore the body’s internal moisture lost in the heat of the summer. It strengthens digestion, boosts stamina, soothes and cools the body.

Try our ayurvedic cookies made with desi ghee.


The most common home remedy for maintaining good digestion is ginger. It also improves appetite for those who can’t get their hunger juices flowing in the summer!

Try our ginger tea.


With essential minerals and electrolytes, this fruit, nut, seed, whatever you may want to call it, will give you everything you need to beat the heat. Hydration, energy and rejuvenation all packed in a mighty shell.

Eat the fruit, drink the water or take both!

Water-rich Fruits

Delightful fruits of the summer season - melons, berries, grapes, pineapples, peaches, mangos,litchies - all have great energy content and will keep you hydrated with a delicious twist.

Eat them raw or blend them into juices.

Two glasses with watermelon smoothies with lime and mint

Ayurvedic herbs

Brahmi for its soothing and calming properties, tulsi for its detoxifying abilities, and ashwagandha to reduce inflammation and Guduchi to build a stronger digestive system.

Having said all of the above, these herbs and more find a perfect blend in our Ratri Chai which is a caffeine-free infusion that helps in relaxation and sleep.

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