There are three pertinent reasons for choosing Butterfly Ayurveda:

Exceptional Quality: Everything from our tea leaves, nuts & seeds to herbs, grains and natural sugars are sourced from the most ethical and reliable sources in the country. The reason our cookies, cakes and teas taste so fresh is because we source our raw materials in smaller batches and steer clear of producing anything in bulk. Our packaging also locks in all the nutrients and keeps our products fresh. For instance, our cookies are individually wrapped in aluminium foil to keep them crisp and crumbly.

Focus on R&D: At Butterfly Ayurveda, we believe that research is key to creating products that deliver on their promise. It’s also helped set a firm foundation for a company like ours that relies on the effectiveness of our products. Our R&D team includes Ayurvedic experts and doctors who’ve dedicated their lives to the science of Ayurveda and know exactly which herb or grain works on which body-type. Our medicines are effective yet gentle on the body and have no side-effects.

Transparency: All our medicines and other products rely on their efficacy as a result of all the herbs and natural ingredients that go into preparing them. Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and we do not use any artificial flavours, scents or preservatives. Being transparent with our customers is of utmost importance to us, which is why all our labels specify the certifications we’ve received and the ingredients we use, making us a credible source of Ayurvedic products in the Indian market.