Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I drink Butterfly Ayurveda teas?
We have designed our teas for different timings of the day to make you feel rejuvenated throughout the day. You can enjoy our teas twice to thrice a day.

Are Butterfly Ayurveda teas recommended for all seasons?
You can have our teas during all seasons in the prescribed morning-evening-night time manner. Preferably, take Masala Chai between autumn to spring time.

Do you offer samples?
Yes, we do. To know more write to:

When will my order be processed?
Your order will be processed once you receive a confirmation email shortly after placing the order.

How do I track my order?
An email will be sent to you after your product is dispatched. It will contain the tracking id and other details.

How do Butterfly Ayurveda's teas differ from other herbal teas?
Our teas are natural blends of high quality tea leaves from estates of Assam and Darjeeling, along with pure ayurvedic whole herbs, grown across India. These blends have been developed using Ayurvedic concepts and clinical references. The final formulation is the most appropriate blend that tastes and feels good. Needless to say, all our teas are designed purely for the maintenance of health. They do not aim to cure any specific illnesses or diseases. Unlike many of the herbal teas in the market, we do not add any extracts or flavours, preservatives or scents. Each of the formulation is unique in itself. Each of our teas is stress relieving given to the nature of herbs used, such as Brahmi & Shankhpushpi. Manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Processing) certified company, they undergo rigorous quality checks for pesticides, aflatoxins and heavy metals etc.

Why morning, evening and night time teas?
Time tested principles of Ayurveda are the basis for our unique formulations. Each tea variant contains herbs which bear a special potency or ‘virya’ to balance doshas in the body risen during morning and evening. The night time tea works as a nervous tonic to relieve stress and fatigue and help provide sound sleep.

How do the morning tea variants differ?
Each of the four variants of Good Morning Tea has a different combination of herbs with green or black tea leaves. They differ in taste and cater to different palates. However, all the variants possess the same potency to balance kapha dosha, and carry all other benefits.

What is Vata, Pitta & Kapha?
The tridoshas are bio entities present in the body that are constantly fluctuating. In an imbalanced condition, these can cause diseases.

They are present in the entire body in suitable forms, and flow through all channels.
Vata, composed of Air & Space, is the fine energy associated with movement. It is responsible for the neurogenic activities of the body.
Pitta, composed of Fire & Water, regulates activities related to metabolism and transformation in the body.
Kapha, composed of Water & Earth, is the energy that forms the body’s structure. Nourishment, solidarity and viscidity of the body are its domains.

What makes Pancreofly different from other polyherbal anti-diabetic formulations?
Pancreofly is a clinically evaluated unique combination of herbal extracts developed and formulated scientifically, using Ayurvedic concepts. It is composed of standardized herbal extracts tested to verify their bioactive constituents and is a product of clinical research.

How should I take Pancreofly?
You should take 2 capsules twice a day, half an hour before meals, with lukewarm water, or as directed by your physician.

Does it have any side effects?
There are no side effects. It’s a herbal product and does not cause hypoglycemia (like allopathic drugs- Sulphonylureas), has no metallic taste (like Metformin), no issues of jaundice & stomach upset problems, and no fluid accumulation (like Glitazones- Rosiglitazone).

What happens if Pancreofly is taken by normoglycemic persons?
It is safe as it doesn’t elevate hypoglycemia.

Can patients suffering from kidney and liver problems take Pancreofly?
It is safe because it doesn’t cause jaundice and normalizes kidney and liver functions.

Can we take Pancreofly along with allopathic medicines as an adjuvant therapy?
It effectively decreases the blood glucose level and minimizes the side effects of allopathic medicines. Pancreofly along with allopathic medicines increases the overall anti-diabetic effect because of the piperine present in it, which is a bioavailability enhancer.

Can we add milk & sugar to Butterfly Ayurveda teas?
Milk or sugar might deteriorate the actual taste of the teas. We recommend that you avoid sugar or milk and relish the taste of pure ayurvedic herbs in every sip. However, there is no harm in adding sugar to any of our teas. Milk maybe added to the black teas only. Milk is not recommended for Ratri Chai. All the teas taste great with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Can I use a product after its ‘best before’ date?
The ‘best before’ date indicates the end of a product’s shelf life. While we cannot guarantee that a tea meets your standards for taste, it is perfectly safe for consumption past its expiration.

Should heart patients, pregnant women or those suffering with other problems avoid the teas?
If you are suffering from any health problem, drink only a cup or two a day of any tea variant. In case of pregnancy, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Is there an option to buy first flush tea?
Yes! We can custom make our herbal teas with tea leaves produced during first flush. For more information write to us at: