Good or Bad: Yogurt in Fatty Liver Disease?

Good or Bad: Yogurt in Fatty Liver Disease?

For fatty liver disease, a low-carbs diet plan is recommended for better control of blood glucose and body weight. Yogurt, milk and other dairy products are rich in carbs and should be consumed in moderation.
Full-fat yogurt, in particular may be avoided as it aggravates cholesterol levels and cause weight gain.

According to Ayurveda
- Excessive intake of yogurt and milk increases kapha dosha creating lethargy and heaviness in the body. Further, yogurt is an ‘Abhisyandi’ food – which can create blockages in body passages – and excessive consumption is not advised.

- Excess intake of yogurt has the potential to cause meda roga - increase of fat - and it can diminish liver’s capacity to process and digest fat.

- Yogurt is pitta-aggravating which if consumed in excess causes overheating or inflammation leading to poor functioning of the liver.

- Consuming well churned buttermilk in advised instead of yogurt owing to its therapeutic qualities. Buttermilk is considerably lower in fat than yogurt and contains riboflavin which supports liver functions and body detoxification.
Yet, buttermilk or yogurt should be avoided at night due to its kapha aggravating property.

- Micro organisms in our intestinal tract are crucial for liver cells functioning. In moderation, low-fat yogurt and buttermilk prove good for stomach as they improve gut microflora.

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