How to Balance the Vata Dosha?

Vata usually prevails at the end of the digestion cycle. It is aggravated in early evenings, during the dawn and is also dominant during the rainy season. Symptoms of aggravated or imbalanced vata dosha are connected with gas formation, joint pains, flatulence, burping, & indigestion.

Some tips to help balance the vata dosha in the body -
1. Keep good eating habits. Do not eat in large quantities and eat your meals on time.
2. Exercising regularly comes naturally to Vata people, however, do not over exert. Breathing exercises and practices such as Tai chi, Qi gong and yoga are highly recommended to calm the mind and bring it in harmony with body and spirit.
3. Choose cooked meals instead of raw foods alone. Desi ghee, sesame oil is good for vata conditions.
4. Wheat is more suitable than rice. Ginger and Garlic to stimulate the digestion.
5. Herbal teas that promote digestion are highly recommended.
Shubh Saanjh Chai, a blend of mint, ajwain, shankhpushpi, saunf and Green tea leaves is great for balancing the vata dosha, after meal.
6. Ashta Choornam, an ayurvedic classical medicine is highly recommend to balance vata disorder in the body.
7. Some Yoga poses, such as Dhanur asana, Uttana Asana are essential for the relief of vata.

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