Webinar on “Introduction to Ayurveda”

Webinar on “Introduction to Ayurveda”

Join Akshi Khandelwal, founder and CEO of Butterfly Ayurveda for a FREE webinar on “Introduction to Ayurveda” on 6th June, 11 am. 
This webinar will answer questions around Vata, Pitta & Kapha, and how these bio-entities have an impact on our mind and body. 

The webinar will also cover other aspects of Ayurveda such as:
1. The five elements or Paanch Maha-Bhootas.
2. Moderating your diet according to different seasons.
3. Natural herbs that help boost immunity.

Akshi will be accompanied by Dr. Kiran Srivastava, an Ayurvedic doctor and senior R&D advisor at Butterfly Ayurveda for the Q&A session.
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