Amruta of Ayurveda – Guduchi (Heart Leaved Moonseed)

Amruta of Ayurveda – Guduchi (Heart Leaved Moonseed)
Guduchi / Giloy or heart leaved moonseed has been supremely advocated in Ayurveda for its medicinal qualities. The Sanskrit name of Giloy – ‘Amrita’ – translates to ‘the root of immortality.’ It is also often called ‘Amruta’ – meaning ‘nectar.’ Both the stem and root has plentiful benefits. The herb is usually consumed as powder, juice, capsules or in herbal teas.

Boosts immunity

This wonder herb rejuvenates the body and mind with its antioxidant properties. It is also used in balancing the tridoshas in the body. Combine with other herbs such as tulsi, brahmi and kali mirch to boost immunity. Try our Suprabhat Chai with Guduchi.

Suprabhat Chai with guduchi and black tea leaves

Boosts digestion

Take half a gram guduchi powder with amla to relieve digestive issues such as constipation, acidity, heartburn, etc. Guduchi juice with buttermilk works as a great digestive tonic.

Nourishment and rejuvenation

Guduchi works as an adaptogenic and helps relieve stress. It also clears toxins from the brain, thus boosting concentration and memory.

Boil guduchi powder in water and apply on tired eyes for relief. Apply on skin to reduce dark spots and acne.

Fights infections

The root of the plant is full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. It helps cure and prevent recurring fevers. It helps fight all types of infections in the body. Its detoxifying action also helps treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

Purifies the blood

Guduchi is a hematogenic, i.e. it helps in formation of red blood cells in the body. Mix the extract of Guduchi with honey to purify the blood and raise the blood platelet count. This in turn will help boost recovery from dengue and malaria.

Guduchi has hypoglycemic properties, that helps regulate blood pressure and brings down lipid levels. Good to take in cases of cardiac issues. It also helps with infertility.

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