Celebrate 'शुभ दीपावली' with Butterfly Ayurveda Gift Hampers

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Diwali is a time of celebration. It is the most auspicious festival observed in India and encourages the togetherness, joy, excitement, and happiness of the people.

Most importantly, it is symbolic of the light removing darkness, not only by the lighting of a lamp but also from within. It is an opportunity to connect with our inner light and inner wisdom.

It helps us to connect with the whole, re-energize, rejuvenate, and prosper.

Embracing the fragrance of this festival, and taking inspiration from the Buddha’s saying:

'अप्प दीपो भव:' which means: ‘Be a light unto yourself'

Butterfly Ayurveda encourages everyone to be their own light with the view to enhance self-growth and self-knowledge and stresses on first sparking the spirit of celebration and light within. #beyourownlight.

BA aims to address the need for people to connect at an emotional level rather than merely at a physical level. It is the emotional upliftment and changes within us that help us instill a sense of well-being in ourselves and others.

We consider the occasion of gifting as a wonderful medium to connect with loved ones and let them know how you feel for them. Here, once again BA lays stress on gifting a feeling, and not necessarily a ‘gift item’.

This spirit and feeling have guided us to present to you a special collection of Diwali gift hampers:


एहसास का उपहार - Gift a Feeling this Diwali

All gifts come in pine wood baskets curated with selected BA products. These include flavourful and wholesome teas, cookies, and more. All gifts are accompanied with a greeting card and a copper diya.



1. अनुग्रह - ‘Anugrah’ Diwali Gift Hamper: A Gift of Grace

Anugrah Diwali Gift Hamper

Here ‘Grace’ refers to the grace of the divine or of the universe.

Let us take a moment to feel this grace within our lives, and be grateful to all that is around us and makes us who we are.

This Diwali, pass on this ‘Grace’ to your loved ones with our ‘Anugrah’ Diwali Hamper.

2. उत्साह - ‘Utsah’ Diwali Gift Hamper: A Gift of Joy & Zeal

Utsah Diwali Gift Hamper

‘Utsah’ is a feeling of excitement and joy that makes you want to do something.

Let us unfold this ‘Utsah’ into our daily life activities, and enjoy the spirit of creativity and zeal.

Share this spirit with others with BA’s ‘Utsah’ Diwali Hamper.

3. निखार - ‘Nikhaar’ Diwali Gift Hamper: A Gift of Glow & Shine

Nikhaar Diwali Gift Hamper

‘Nikhaar’ is the presence of a renewed glow and shine in our lives. Let us embrace this rejuvenating energy, and enhance it.

Share the gift of glow and shine with your colleagues, family and friends.

Gift them BA’s ‘Nikhaar’ Diwali Hamper.

4. खुशहाल - ‘Khushhaal’ Diwali Gift Hamper: A Gift of Abundance & Prosperity

Khushhaal Diwali Gift Hamper

Share happiness, health, and prosperity with your loved ones.

Wish them a ‘Khushhaal Diwali’ with BA’s super-special and charming hamper:

Charm your way into the heart of your loved ones with a gift of prosperity and give your loved ones the memory of a lifetime with a ‘Khushhaal’ Diwali Hamper.

Special Note from Butterfly Ayurveda

Make this Diwali special with our luxury Diwali gift baskets; come and celebrate with Butterfly Ayurveda with grace and joy in your heart.

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