Connecting With Your 'Self' In The Digital Age

Connecting With Your 'Self' In The Digital Age

Current times are such that we’re required to stay connected to our workplace, friends and mere acquaintances along with trying to absorb a plethora of information throughout the day, which leads to a lot more stress than our bodies are used to.

Being mindful of this constant connectivity comes with the fact that while the internet may be infinite, our health and time isn’t.
We do know how we are affected by this issue but we tend to ignore what our minds and bodies require from us to stay healthy and happy. The problem here, therefore, isn’t self-awareness but self-control.
However, there is no need for complete abstinence! All we need to do while staying ‘connected’ to the world is to ‘connect’ with our inner worlds and nurture it.
Some ways to shift to a healthier use of the internet are:

Take a break
When you take a vacation from work, take a break from social media as well. It will help you appreciate your time off even more while reconnecting you with nature.

Put a time limit to social media use
Observe how much time and how often you use social media apps and whether it truly gives you happiness.

Charge your memory
Jog your memory and try to remember things naturally instead of using google to search for everything.

Mind is not over matter
Our mental and physical health exists in co-relation. Move your body more to keep your mind healthy and vice versa. At office, take breaks to go for walks. On your day off, make time for physical activities that don’t allow the use of devices, such as dance, yoga, sports, cycling, etc.

Drink your morning/evening beverage in peace
Rejuvenate over a cup of Ratri Chai at the end of the day while thinking or reading a book instead of hunching down on your devices.
Imagine the internet to be a scrapbook from our childhood. Now imagine ignoring all your friends, parents and everything else in real time just to keep looking at everyone’s scrapbook. Sounds insane, doesn’t it?

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