Why Cow Ghee is Good for you, According to Ayurveda

Why Cow Ghee is Good for you, According to Ayurveda
The joy of desi ghee in food is well preserved in the proverb ‘Apke mooh me ghee shakkar’ which is said to anyone who comes bearing good news. According to Ayurveda, cow ghee is a nutritional, antibacterial and antifungal clarified form of butter. It can also be consumed safely by those allergic to other dairy products or gluten.
There are a variety of benefits of cow ghee in foods, for external use and to pacify the tridoshas.

Benefits of including cow ghee in the diet
  • Boosts digestive strength by stimulating the secretion of the enzymes required for healthy digestion, thereby pacifying the Pitta dosha which consists of digestion and metabolism processes of the body.
  • Helps in removing toxins from the body, thereby helping you achieve your optimum metabolic rate and body weight.
  • Helps relieve constipation. Take a spoonful of ghee mixed in lukewarm milk at night for proper bowel cleansing in the morning.
  • Helps increase your stamina, strengthens the bones, enhances brain powers like memory and intellect and can help gain weight by boosting the appetite.
  • Facilitates speedy recovery after illness and surgery by restoring immunity and strength.
  • For lactating mothers, cow ghee helps nourish the breast milk to boost the growth and development of newborn babies.
  • Favors Rasadhatu (primary waters of the body), Ojas (immunity), Shukradhatu (reproductive system).

Benefits of External Application
  • When used in regular massaging, it increases our muscle strength. Applying on the scalp area helps relax and soothe the mind.
  • Works as a moisturising agent to prevent dryness of skin and cracking of lips and heels.
  • Washing eyes with cow ghee has a cooling and soothing effect on the eyes.
  • Helps lubricate ear holes and makes piercing easier.
  • Can help prevent dust allergy as well as help in cases of migraine and bleeding nose when applied on the inner wall of nostrils.
  • Bleeding wounds, burns and injuries can heal faster with the application of cow ghee.
  • Reliever of Doshic Disorders
Apart from the above, cow ghee helps in pacifying the tridoshas when consumed in moderate quantities. Individuals with a Vata imbalance (which leads to gas, asthma, arthritis, etc.) or a Pitta imbalance (which leads to acidity and burning sensation in the stomach) should include ghee in their diets to achieve balance.
However, its greasiness promotes Kapha and people with K body type should take ghee by seasoning it with a little bit of powdered spice (trikatu churna) that brings down excessive Kapha (which leads to laziness and lethargy).

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