Celebrating Diwali Mindfully

Celebrating Diwali Mindfully

“Twinkle lights are the perfect metaphor for joy. Joy is not a constant. It comes to us in moments – often ordinary moments. I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, inspiration, and faith.” ~ Brene Brown

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have given high priority to the commemoration of special occasions. From initiation rituals conducted by our ancestors to celebrations during the annual harvests to the elaborate coronation ceremonies held during the Middle Ages, our love for celebration and festivals is timeless.

All around the world, special events and festivals are celebrated with great gusto. Every culture, nation, and tradition has developed its unique ways of honoring their special occasions. The customs and traditions are developed from the cultural background, history, religious beliefs, and people. Few examples of these religious and cultural festivals are the Carnival in Brazil, the Chinese New Year, Oktoberfest in Germany, and Diwali in India.

As eclectic as these practices are, there is a common thread that connects every one of them. All of these occasions and celebrations center on pious human experiences and expressions such as love, sadness, joy, reverence, success, and sacrifice. Through these celebrations, we honor the significant moments in our culture and our lives.

Significant Benefits of Diwali Celebration

Here is a list of significant benefits that further enhance the importance of Diwali celebration.

1. Bonding with friends and family

Festivals or celebrations are amongst the most opportune times to bond with our friends and family. Coming together to celebrate a joyous occasion cultivates a sense of belonging. For instance, Diwali is celebrated every year with great fervor. Long-overdue get-togethers, partaking in the remake of Ramayan adorn the day and night as people pray to Goddess Laxmi for her blessings. It is a wonderful event that brings happiness to the lives of the people.

2. Breaks monotony

Celebrations are a welcome break from our mundane routines. Festivals add color and joy in our lives, just like our 'Khushhaal' Diwali Hamper does, in the lives of innumerable people. Moreover, participating in the festivities helps us understand the significance that an occasion plays within the grand scheme of our lives. Celebrating joyous moments instills a sense of reverence and appreciation for the gift of life and connects us to an omnipotent force.

3. Good time to pay respect

Celebrating with loved ones connect us with our humanity and the commonality that we share with all those who have been long gone before us. We tap into the timelessness of the human spirit when we pay respect to the important rites of passages that were celebrated by our ancestors before us.

Celebration of Mind, Body and Spirit

Celebrations can be incredibly fun and offer the perfect opportunity to engage in the numerous joys of life like dancing, singing melodious songs, eating delicious food, and endless laughter, and being mindful of our indulgences, which we could easily accomplish with our 'Utsah' Diwali Hamper, custom made for such beautiful occasions. Here are a few ways in which we can celebrate Diwali mindfully and break the cycle of indulgence.

1. Mindful mindset

Keep a healthy mindset and focus on inculcating healthy eating habits. Diwali is the festival when most of us allow ourselves to indulge, thinking 'we deserve it'. Well, it's time to leave that mindset behind and move towards a more holistic approach. While it's easy to let go and get fully immersed in the pre-Diwali parties, and get-togethers, it is always recommended to choose healthy alternatives and treat your mind, and body as a sacred space.

2. Environment-friendly celebration

Diwali is a time for both gratitude and gaiety. Enjoy the festival of lights with positivity and awareness by adopting bio-degradable practices and opting for eco-friendly ways of celebrating the festivals.

For example, use organic colors and real flowers to make Rangoli, cut down on crackers, and instead decorate your home with “earthen lamps or diyas. Adopting these sustainable practices can make a huge impact on our planet.

3. Embodying the light

You can embody the light and luminance of Diwali, the festival of lights, by celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Reflect on your behavior over the past year and allow yourself to observe your negative thoughts and behaviors and work towards resolving them.

Be kind to your body and detox after a heavy night of partying and gift yourself a gift of glow and shine with our 'Nikhaar' Diwali Hamper. Focus on aligning your mental, physical and spiritual self to the sparkle and joy that comes with the festival of lights.

4. Earthen Diyas for purity

Earthen diyas filled with ghee represent goodness and purity. Lighting diyas brings positivity and indicates new beginnings. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Moreover, diyas are eco-friendly and leave no harmful residue behind.

In fact, the flame of diya and the smoke it emits kills harmful bacterias and germs, purifying the ambiance. So, get ready to enhance the home decor and illuminate your house with handmade diyas, after all, it is the festival of light!


Who doesn’t look forward to the fun-filled occasions where we can let our hair down and take a break from our mundane existence? Well, it's time to focus on the experiences, relishing the excitement of an upcoming celebration. The excitement and joy is an emotion that we deserve to indulge in. The festivals we celebrate are a testimony of our diverse tradition and culture.

Celebrating and partaking in the festivities with mindfulness will not only empower us, but it will help our mind, body, and soul rejuvenate. Conscious, mindful indulgence can do wonders to re-energize and rejuvenate you. After all, this season, festivities come with a side order of mindfulness, joy and grace with our 'Anugrah' Diwali Hamper, giving you the joy of grace.

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