Don't let the heat get to you: Ayurvedic tips to keep cool

Don't let the heat get to you: Ayurvedic tips to keep cool

Seasons, just like individuals have their own personality. And to be in sync with them, we need to understand the effect they have on us. Our body naturally craves a change in diet and lifestyle habits as the seasons change. And Ayurveda advocates harmonizing our internal cycles with the external to adjust our lifestyle with the arrival of each new season.

Here are some ayurvedic tips to keep cool this summer:

Eat the right kind of food
Since pitta dosha, with its qualities of heat and intensity, is dominant in the summer season, our bodies prefer light and cool food for the summer.

Stay away from extremely spicy, oily or heavy food since the body produces more heat after a heavy meal.

You should favor body cooling foods, sweet, bitter and astringent food. Go for fresh fruits, salads, legumes and sweet dairy products like fresh yogurt, butter, cow ghee, and occasional ice cream.

(TIP: The best way to avoid overeating is being fully present with your meals while savoring the flavor and texture.)

Hydrate, the proper way
We all know the importance of staying hydrated to save ourselves from the harsh heat of the summer season.

Stay away from freezing cold soft drinks. The amount of sugar in a soft drink makes your body crave more water right after you finish drinking it. And Ayurveda does not recommend ice cold drinks since it can disturb pitta and the digestion process. So it is best to take beverages at room temperature.

Go for: water and lime, sweet lassi, cooling mint teas and fennel teas, rose floral infusion, leaf infusions, caffeine-free infusion with cooling herbs such as Brahmi and Guduchi, coconut water and fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Embrace the natural rhythm of the environment
Be in tune with the natural rhythm of the environment by rising early and sleeping early. Although the summer season can motivate improved physical fitness, exercise is very heating and draining, so it is best to do it early in the morning or late in the evening.

Let your body breathe
When you step out, summer clothing should be breathable cotton or silk and in cooling colors like white, blue, green, purple, yellow, etc. It is best to avoid darker shades since it traps heat and makes you feel hotter. At night before bed, you should wash your feet or take a quick shower and self-massage to induce a more peaceful sleep. Laying on your right side will have a cooling effect on your body.

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