Doshas and Their Ways of Love

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Doshas might not be the first thing on your mind when talking about the concept of love. You will be surprised to know how each Dosha has a peculiar way of loving and receiving love. Just as these bioentities impact our body and health, they impact our Manas Prakriti (the way we think and process our thoughts).

They also define our attractions and the manifestation of the same in any kind of a relationship, and this is what their love looks like - 

Vata Love
Vata love is full of eccentricities and Vata partners are simply charming. This love is a bit wild, a bit impulsive, and always on-the-go for something new to explore. The nature of Vata is such, always flowing and adapting with an agility that instantly makes a sweet and soft Kapha or a passionate Pitta rush towards them head-over-heels. A Vata lover is always seeking everything at once. The key to his/her heart is not to anchor the instincts but to point them in a direction. With a bit of focus and inspiration, they are able to hold together their scattered energies not feeling lost in search of a path. Once inspired, their love will be filled with creative expressions and off-beat adventures.

Pitta Love
Pitta love is intense and passionate. Its adventures are slightly different than Vata’s. A Pitta lover is drawn towards thrill, however, he/she well calculated with its risk-taking explorations. His is the love with no in-betweens. They either go all in or keep things quite close to their chest, and that’s precisely why they tend to win big and also lose big. They adore a bit of pampering every now and then. Attention flatters and soothes the raging love of a Pitta personality. With the right amount of shared surrenders in a relationship, their love shines bright. Just like in an intense tango, a Pitta lover admires the thrill and lead. 

Kapha Love
Kapha love feels like coming home after a tiring day. It is all about giving unconditionally and loving faithfully. With endless endurance, its capacity to love comes in abundance. The steadiness of a Kapha love nurtures the wilderness of a Vata and the calmness relaxes a Pitta. More than anything else, a Kapha lover has got plenty of love to share with the world. It’s easy for him/her to express as soon as he/she has someone to show their love to, however, for it to bloom, their commitment needs to meet gratitude and a bit of spontaneity. Once the love is stimulated enough, it is like the sight of a flowing river on a midsummer afternoon.

Practicing Ayurveda in life is all about examining what lies at the bottom of our complex interactions, be it with ourselves or others. Embracing yourself and acknowledging the way you love and share is one of the many secret revelations of this ancient wisdom. Here’s to you and the new discoveries in your love!

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