Maintain and Boost Your Digestion with These Simple Tips

Maintain and Boost Your Digestion with These Simple Tips
Fuel your digestive fire:
Drinking a mixture of yogurt churned with water helps support your digestive fire. People with a weaker digestion should use 1:3 proportion of yogurt to water, and those with a stronger digestion can use a 3:1 proportion.

Clean up after:
At the end of each meal, give your thanks to nature and clean your mouth and eyes. Urination is encouraged, but defecation right after should be avoided. Follow up with a brief walk and a herbal tea to boost digestion.

Take a break:
Exercise, sex, sleeping or studying should be avoided for about 2 hours after a meal. In case of overeating or tiredness, you should lie down for a few minutes on your left side to ensure your right nostril is working well. This helps keep your digestion hot.

Keep your meals light at night:
If possible, the best practice to follow is to not eat after sunset. If you must, eat a light dinner. You should avoid kapha producing foods like melons, yogurt, cheese or ice cream at night, since kapha is enhanced at night. Your digestive fire is strongest at noon, making it the best time to take the heaviest meal of your day.

Intervals are necessary:
Everyone should allow at least a 2 hour gap between any two meals since the gut requires that time to prepare for the next food deposit.
People with balanced Kapha can eat one big meal and one smaller meal each day, allowing at least a six hour gap between each meal. Snacking should be avoided.
People with balanced Pitta can eat three meals daily, with a 4-6 hour gap. In this gap, they can eat light snacks.
People with balanced Vata should always eat small meals, three to four times a day, and may snack as needed.

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