Benefits of Mulberry Leaf Infusion

Benefits of Mulberry Leaf Infusion

Mulberry (Shahtoot) leaves - the beloved food of silkworms, have been used in ancient Indian and Traditional Chinese medicine since time immemorial in making mulberry leaf tea.

Health benefits of mulberry infusion:

Mulberry leaf tea has powerful antioxidant properties. Drinking this tea helps inhibit inflammatory agents in the body.

The antioxidants present helps inhibit cellular damage caused by free radicals created in the body during the process of digestion, or from exposure to excessive pollution, radiation and smoke.

The minerals and vitamins eliminates bacterial growth. This can help relieve common cold & flu symptoms, strep throat and boost immunity.
Iron and zinc helps increase metabolism and digestion. Calcium contributes to the strength of bones.

Vitamin A present helps enhance and maintain vision, and relieves strain on the eyes.

The gallic acid content in mulberry herbal tea helps lower blood glucose and reduces bad cholesterol, making it useful in managing diabetes.

Great for the summer season, mulberry herbal infusion helps pacify pitta dosha and heat in the body. It helps aid dizziness, treats stomach aches, headaches, stressed eyes and a sore throat. Its antipyretic properties helps speed up recovery processes in case of a fever.

It helps purify the liver and boost blood circulation, cleansing and enriching it in the process.

Dry mulberry leaves tea also contains compounds that can help inhibit the body’s absorption of excessive carbohydrates, which makes it useful in facilitating weight loss.

Mulberry leaves infused in water also has many benefits for the skin. It helps get rid of blemishes, dark spots and dry skin.

Stay healthy with our mulberry leaf infusion made using 100% natural mulberry leaves:


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