Steps You Should Take to Start Eevery Day, the Right Way

Steps You Should Take to Start Eevery Day, the Right Way
A good morning routine purifies your organism of its physical and mental wastes to prepare you for a new day. You must, therefore, eliminate wastes (urine, feces, sweat, all filth on sense organs, and mental wastes like emotions, obsessions and delusions) of the previous day before you add new fuel to your system.

Arising before sunrise helps the body synchronize itself to the rhythm of the sun. Since Vata is involved in the process of elimination, this time period is best to rid your body and mind of its wastes. Proper elimination also helps remove Kapha that naturally accumulates over the night.

Always clench your teeth tightly when voiding urine or feces, to prevent vata from loosening them.
You should examine urine and feces each morning to keep a check on health. If there are any signs of indigestion in your wastes, the best remedy is to skip breakfast and drink weak herbal tea or ginger tea to intensify your appetite and clear your wastes.

Meditation is the best way to satisfy the mind’s hunger. Anything can be meditation, as long as it is sincere and heartfelt. To maintain your organism’s health, the simplest of all meditations involves arising with and looking at the sun, without whose heat and light we would not exist.

Exercising improves immunity by increasing the body’s stamina and resistance to disease. It helps promote circulation and waste disposal. Maintaining a habit of regular exercise stimulates the release of endorphins that help reduce anxiety and produce a sense of well-being.

Cleansing & Bathing
Washing your hands, feet, mouth, eyes and nose purifies your sense organs.
Some steps to ensure proper cleansing are:
-Scrape your tongue daily with a tongue scraper or a spoon made of silver, copper or stainless steel.
-Gargle using salt water with a pinch of turmeric to keep your gums, mouth and throat healthy.
-Brush your teeth daily, but lightly, to prevent damage to tooth enamel or gums. Keep your toothbrush dry and clean at all times, and replace it frequently.
-Once a week, you can instill eye drops of honey, castor oil, rose water or Triphala tea to expel excess Kapha.
-After cleaning your nose with lightly salted water, instill a drop of oil into each nostril every day. -Drop two or three drops of oil into each ear every week or two, to clean and lubricate them.
-Avoid washing your head with extremely hot water, since it drains strength from the sense organs. -Instead of soap, you can use clay, barley or chickpea flour to tone the skin without drying it.

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