The Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation
“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.” Sakyong Mipham

What comes to your mind when you think of meditation? Is it strictly sitting in one position and trying not to think?

Meditation, in simple words is to contemplate. Contemplation involves thinking.
The best way to start, is to pay attention to your breath. According to Ayurveda, rhythmic breathing is a way to encourage expulsion of gaseous wastes from the body, as well as to purify the lungs. Conscious breathing helps in relaxation and feeling joyful. It naturally helps in reducing stress, anxiety and fear. It is only after one has practiced this consistently over a period of time- for 10 -20 minutes regularly- can one start to give direction to their thoughts and energies.

Therefore, it is highly beneficial to take out at least 10 minutes aside to meditate everyday.

Some more reasons to meditate :
Mindful does not mean your mind is full. In fact, it means just the opposite.
We often find ourselves daydreaming about the future or reminiscing about the past when we should be paying attention to the present moment. Being mindful teaches us to live each moment and make the best out of our present situation instead of wishing to be somewhere else.

Being more creative
When you practice meditation and mindfulness, your brain is more receptive to new ideas and inspirations that your mind could be shutting off otherwise. Meditation helps you to find your inner peace and discipline from where you can actually start to put these ideas into action. You learn how to stay focused and finish what’s at hand instead of procrastinating or getting distracted.

Sleeping better
We’re all used to staying awake past our bedtime to spend time with our favourite distraction: our phone! Meditating right before going to bed only for 5 - 10 minutes can help you find your composure and make you sleep better.

Rid yourself of bad eating habits
When we are unable to process certain life experiences, they take a toll on our mental and emotional well being, which come out in the form of poor lifestyle habits. Meditation helps in getting rid of all toxic thoughts and wastes in the body and mind. It is a way to satisfy the mind’s hunger and when the mind isn’t satisfied, it tries to gratify itself, often with physical food.

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