Top 9 Healthy Diwali Hampers Just for You

Top 9 Healthy Diwali Hampers Just for You

Diwali is just around the corner and there is not much time left for you to buy presents. No matter how organized you are there’s always one person you might have forgotten. Are you looking for healthy gifting options? What if we tell you that we have got some carefully selected Diwali Hampers just for you. Take a look at our hampers below:

Glowing Skin and Healthy Gut Set
Who doesn’t like glowing skin and a healthy gut? If you ask any woman what she desires the most, she would say wonderful natural glowing skin. So, this Diwali, we thought of creating a perfect gift for your loved ones. Our gift tray comes with one pack of Love Your Body infusion and one pack of Tummy Love Infusion.

Our Love Your Body Infusion not only helps balance Vata and Kapha Doshas but also helps in weight loss, lowering the cholesterol levels, easing menstrual pain and keeping the liver healthy.

Our Tummy Love Infusion helps balance Vata and Pitta Doshas. This infusion supports healthy digestion and antioxidant activity, and helps in freshening the mouth naturally.

Delicious Cookie Hamper
Our delicious cookie hamper is one of our best selling Diwali Hampers. This enormous gift tray contains three packs of Fruit and Nut Cookies, three packs of Ajwain Cookies and three packs of Diabe Choice Cookies. Our cookies are made with whole grain flours, cow ghee, and turmeric. These cookies are not only healthy but keep you feeling full for a long time. Click on the link to place your order now!

New Mom’s Herbal Tea Hamper
Are you looking for a perfect gift for a new mom? Worry not! We have a beautiful Diwali Hamper for you. This gift tray comes with Mama Love Infusion and Rose Petal Infusion.

Our Mama Love Infusion is a perfect gift to pamper new moms or a mom-to-be. It is a blend of asparagus, cardamom and giloy. It is perfect to boost the immunity of pregnant as well as lactating mothers. It is not only rich in antioxidants, calcium but has folic acid also. This infusion helps balance Pitta and Kapha Doshas.

Our Rose Petal Infusion is best suited for the changing season. It is good for detoxification as it is made of pure dried rose petals that are cooling and fragrant. You can check out our hamper here.
Good Morning Hamper
If you want to be the reason for their smile every morning, then this is the perfect gift hamper for you. In this hamper, you will get one pack of Suprabhat Chai, two packs of Fruit & Nut Cookies and two packs of Ajwain Cookies. All the items in the gift tray are 100% natural.

Our Suprabhat Chai is made of lemongrass, Mulethi, Brahmi, Black pepper and selected black Assam tea leaves sourced from Khongea tea estate. This chai helps to enhance cognition, energies the nervous system and balance Kapha Dosha. The best time to have this tea is between 6-10 am. It does not carry any artificial flavours, colors, scents or extracts.
Detox Hamper
Detoxing is the new thing now. Everyone wants to cleanse their body and if you know someone who is health conscious then you have arrived at the right place. This gift hamper comes with one pack of Rose Petal Infusion and one pack of Moringa Infusion. These infusions help improve gut health, remove toxins from the body, and keep the heart healthy.
Rejuvenating Tea Hamper
Want to bring a smile to your friend’s face this Diwali? Try our rejuvenating tea hamper. This hamper comes with one pack of Cardamom Black Tea, four bags of Shubh Saanjh Green Tea and two pieces of Ajwain Cookies. These teas and cookies are light and refreshing, and are excellent for improving gut health.

Our Subh Saanjh Chai is a perfect blend of mint, Ajwain, Fennel, Shankhpushpi blended with Darjeeling green sourced from the Glenburn tea estate in Darjeeling. The ingredients leave a refreshing taste in the mouth and promote digestion.
Gourmet Tea Gift Hamper
Know someone who loves tea but don’t know which hamper to give them? Fret not! We have curated a special gift hamper for you. Our Gourmet Tea Gift Hamper comes with a variety of teas such as Suprabhat Chai, Shubh Saanjh Chai, Ratri Chai and Ginger Black Tea. All these teas help in balancing tridoshas and are 100% natural.

Our Suprabhat Chai (Morning tea) is known to enhance focus and balance Kapha Dosha. Our Subh Saanjh Chai is an evening tea which helps in digestion and the ingredients leave a refreshing taste in the mouth.
Gourmet Cookie Hamper
In case you don’t want to gift our Gourmet Tea Hamper, you can indulge in the goodness of our all-natural, handmade, gourmet cookies. This gift tray comes with one pack of Fruit & Nut Cookies, one pack of Ajwain Cookies and one pack of Diabe Choice Cookies. These high-fibre cookies are good for digestion and help in keeping sugar intake under control.

Still, confused which hamper to buy for your friends and relatives? Why not let them choose exactly what they want with a gift card. Hurry and get your gift card today.

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