Vata Pacifying Shubh Saanjh Chai

Vata Pacifying Shubh Saanjh Chai

Butterfly Ayurveda’s Shubh Saanjh Chai, Good Evening Tea, is also known as Digestive Tea. This range of teas is aimed at balancing the aggravated vata dosha. Vata, usually prevails at the end of the digestion cycle. It is aggravated in the evenings, during the dawn and is also dominant during the rainy season. Symptoms of aggravated or imbalanced vata dosha are connected with gas formation, flatulence, burping & indigestion.

Our Digestive Tea helps you in relieving from such symptoms.  It also helps in relieving stress & removing bad smelling breath ( which is usually present due to improper digestion). The herbs used are helpful in respiratory problems and are good for the heart.

The ingredients of this tea include green tea leaves, mint, saunf, ajwain and shankhpushpi.

Our 200 gms pack is available for INR. 599, while the 25 tea bags box is  available for INR 499.

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