When nature calls, you should pick up!

When nature calls, you should pick up!

As per Ayurveda, we should never suppress our imminent urges to defecate, urinate, puke, sneeze, yawn, belch, eat, drink, sleep, weep, breathe deeply & plentifully after exertion and discharge semen or flatus to maintain a healthy state of being. The unsound physical conditions that result from such suppressions are countless and prove greatly detrimental to our body.


If we suppress our urge to urinate, the outcomes will be headache, stiffness in groins, dysuria, bending and pain in urinary bladder and passage.

To treat suppressed urine, we can take recourse to prescriptions such as tub-bath, massage and substantial consumption of ghee.


Suppressing the urge to defecate leads to calf muscle cramps, flatulence, obstruction of faeces & flatus, headache and colic pain.

This can be treated with suppositories, enema, fomentation, tub-bath, massage and suitable food & drinks that help with excretion.

Reproductive fluids:

Semen retention may give rise to pain in cardiac area, obstructed urine, body-ache and pain in scrotum & penis.

Chicken, milk, wine, rice, massage, non-unctuous enema, tub-bath and sexual intercourse are recommended in such conditions.


When we suppress flatus, it results in lassitude, flatulence, obstruction of urine, flatus & faeces, pain and other abdomen disorders propelled by Vata dosha.

In such cases, enema, fomentation, food & drinks, suppositories and other carminative procedures can be proposed for relief.


Suppression of the urge to puke engenders effects such as swelling, skin diseases, rashes, blackish spots on face, nausea, anaemia, itching, erysipelas, fever and anorexia.

It is advisable that we induce puking with fasting/light food, feeding, rough diet, physical exercises, purgative activities and blood-letting to treat such conditions.


If we hold back sneezes, the consequences are migraine, headache, stiffness in the neck, weakness of sense organs and facial paralysis.

Nasal drops, head-neck massage, substantial ghee consumption after meals and Vata-appeasing diet would do well in these cases.


There’s a certain stigma attached to crying in our society. The infamous ‘boys don’t cry’ and the way we stare at strangers if we find them crying in public has made us reluctant to express all our emotions freely. But crying, like all our emotions has a functional use for the body. One of the benefits that we all experience is the feeling of relief after a good cry. Some other benefits include the removal of toxins, a healthy release of emotions which might lead to a build up otherwise, etc.


Suppressing yawns leads to numbness, convulsion, body shaking, contraction, bending and tremors – that you can treat by following the measures you commonly take to subside Vata in your body. 
Tip: Drink a warm cup of milk with a pinch of cardamom or dry ginger in it.


Suppression of the urge of hunger can result in feebleness, dizziness, complexion disorders, emaciation, anorexia and body-ache.

We can consume light, warm and fatty eatables for treating such kinds of conditions.


On the other hand, remaining thirsty for long has impacts, like, fatigue, cardiac pain, mouth & throat dryness, depression and deafness.

This can be treated successfully by an intake of cool and saturating drinks.


The same advice can be followed for the urges of the mind too. While acting on every impulse or desire won’t be fruitful, ignoring your mind’s urges will hinder your growth and relationship with the self.

You should listen to what you desire and make rational decisions supporting whether you want to act on them or not. 

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