Who we are and what we do
Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. blends the wisdom of traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and the use of modern technology to give you a range of Ayurvedic medicines, herbal teas, cakes and cookies.

Ayurveda ‘the science of life’ is a philosophical, humanistic and holistic medical science with its manifold specialised practices rooted in the Pre-Buddhist era.
Being life and health oriented rather than disease and treatment oriented, it represents and visualises the health of a human being as a balance between the body, mind and the spirit.

Ayurveda for all
Blending traditional knowledge with modern technology.
Our vision is to spread the wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda through our products, wellness programs and effective media to enable mindful decision making for one’s own health and life.

Our mission is to integrate health into your daily lives and be a part of your lifestyle. We are committed to providing help in the prevention and treatment of diseases; doing all this in an environment that is dedicated & visionary.

Modern facilities
Backbone of our organisation dedicated to providing optimum quality.

Our R&D department is the backbone of the organisation with state-of-the-art scientific laboratory facility. It is dedicated to product development, quality control and standardisation which offers customers with optimum quality, safe and efficacious Herbal/Ayurvedic medicines. In a nutshell, its activity and approach could be termed as, “Validation of Divine Ayurvedic Wisdom through Scientific Knowledge in the Current Era.”

We procure our Green Teas from a prestigious tea estate, located in Darjeeling, nestled in the lap of the Himalayan mountain range. Our Black Teas are sourced from estates situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River in Assam.

Once sourced, the tea leaves are withered for about 8-24 hours. Once dry, they are steamed to prevent neutralisation of enzymes & oxidation. This enables the leaves to retain their authentic green colour& remain enriched with antioxidants & polyphenols. After this they are rolled to different degrees necessary to bring out the aroma and flavour &then dried again. Then they are dried in large mechanical dryers on conveyor belts at high temperatures to eliminate moisture. Finally, various grades of tea leaves are separated depending on their sizes.

We acquire raw herbs from a prestigious organisation. The herbs are grown and procured from different parts of India.

First, the herbs are cleaned and washed to expel contaminants using a high pressure air blower or an air duster. Drying them brings down their moisture content to an acceptable level, ensuring that their chemical constituents are maintained. Thereafter, these raw herbs are ground using an automatic pulveriser, and then they are sieved to achieve the desired particle size.

A double cone blender prepares a homogeneous blend of natural raw herbs with the finest quality of orthodox tea leaves. Finally, this blend of herbs & tea leaves is packed in pouches for labelling. Our herbal blends are 100% natural & do not contain any artificial flavouring, extracts, scents or colouring. Each ingredient we use is tested for pesticides, aflatoxins & heavy metals to ensure product safety. Our herbal teas are GMP, HACCP & Rainforest Alliance certified.