How our teas are processed

Our tea leaves are procured from the royal Glenburn tea estates of India, located in Darjeeling, nestled in the valley of Kanchenjunga and from the sister tea estates in Assam. 

Our herbs are procured from the south of India, and grown in authentic way by the farmers, who then trade it to our vendor, who tests them for quality, after complete analysis.


How the herbal teas are processed? 

Our tea leaves undergo processing right at the source, so therefore they ready to use when received.

Our herbs are processed in the following manner, if need be. 


Herbs are cleaned and washed to remove visible contaminants like small stones and cow dung.The stems are screened, washed, peeled and stipped of leaves by hand to avoid wasting time and energy. An air duster or high pressure air blower, called an air shower, is employed for washing herbal material. Washing with water is used only when necessary.
Equipment : Air shower , air duster or high pressure air blower. water only when necessary .

Drying reduces moisture content to an acceptable level—maintaining chemical constituents of the herbs, and preventing reactions that may occur in the presence of moisture. It improves the quality of the herbs, making them resistant to the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria & fungi. Drying imparts pharmaceutical elegance to the herbal raw material.

Sun Drying
This method, used since ancient times, requires no drying equipment and uses solar energy. It requires large amounts of space, however, and crude herbs can be damaged by the weather. Sun drying is labour intensive and can take weeks.

Shed Drying
Crude herbs containing volatile oil should be shed-dried, a method in which these herbs are placed by hand on drying frames or stands, to be air-dried in barns or sheds. This method of drying is also labour-intensive and can take weeks.

Choppers are used to reduce the size of raw herbs, specially leaves and small stems before grinding. It improves the efficiency and yield of grinding of crude herbs.

A special kind of grinder called an automatic pulveriser is used to prepare a powder from raw herbs. It can powder fragile elements like leaves and flowers, as well as hard crude herbs like roots and stems.

A double cone blender is used to prepare a homogeneous blend of coarse powdered raw herbs, along with tea leaves ( as need be). It is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.

To achieve the desired particle size of the powdered herbs, proper sieving is carried out. Vibrosifter is used as a sieve to get powder of desired particle size.

Finally, the coarse powder blend is packed in pouches or tea bags and then packed into a monocartons with proper labelling.