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Butterfly Ayurveda

Walnut Brownie

Rs. 250.00

An all time favourite, our heavenly Walnut Brownie is every chocoholics dream! This wonderfully rich brownie is made with heart healthy and fibrous ragi flour blended with ghee and brown sugar. It goes well with a cup of masala chai or a turmeric latte.

Your children can’t shy away from this healthy bite.

Walnut, Atta, Maida,Ragi, Brown Sugar, Cow Ghee, Butter, Eggs, Essence, Dark Chocolate.

Benefits :

Known as brain food in Ayurveda, walnuts are excellent for pacifying Vata Dosha. They are warm, filling and promote digestion. This piece of sweet is good for surprise craving one has for something warm, healthy and chocolaty. 

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Walnut Brownie

Rs. 250.00