Diabe Choice Cookies For Sugar Control & Weight Loss

Diabe Choice Cookies for Sugar Control

Looking for a tasty snack that won't derail your efforts to manage your blood sugar levels and lose weight? Diabe Choice Cookies are your best bet.

These cookies are specifically designed to be a healthier alternative to the other tea time cookies/biscuits present in the market. Made using natural ingredients that are high in fiber and loaded with nutrients that can support your overall health. Diabe Choice Cookies are great for anyone who is looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without sacrificing their health goals.

Butterfly Ayurveda’s Diabe Choice Cookies are delicious and wholesome, making them a great snack for a healthy lifestyle. They help in controlling blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss and boost heart health.

Key Ingredients that make Butterfly Ayurveda’s Diabe Choice Cookies special

1. Wheat Flour: A good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, it consists of a few B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which is needed for a healthy bowel movement, strong heart and bones. It helps improve ‘Ojas’/ energy strengthening our body. It makes a good choice for ‘Vata’ & ‘Pitta’ doshas.

2. Sorghum: It is a gluten-free grain that is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber, protein and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Sorghum has shown to help with blood sugar control and reduce inflammation. It balances the ‘Pitta’ & ‘Kapha’ doshas and is also helpful in treating blood diseases.

3. Gram & Barley Flour: Gram flour is made from ground chickpeas and is a rich source of protein, fiber and micronutrients such as iron and zinc. Barley flour is high in fiber, protein and B vitamins, making it a great addition to a healthy diet. This combination flour is a quality vegan protein source that helps control blood sugar levels. It reduces ‘Ama’/toxins, maintains healthy hemoglobin levels, strong immunity & bone structure. It balances the ‘Pitta’ & ‘Kapha’ doshas. It helps relieve diseases related to ‘Meda dhatu’ (fatty tissues).

Other Ingredients in Diabe Choice Cookies

1. Alsi (flaxseed): It is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans. It helps in weight management and also stabilizes blood sugar levels. It helps balance the ‘Vata’ dosha in the body.

2. Sesame Seeds: These seeds are an excellent source of healthy fats, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which have been linked to help lower levels of inflammation, improve heart health and brain activity. It also consists of quality protein, fiber, Vitamin B & E, and helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body, fights free radicals and improves digestive power. It balances the ‘Vata’ dosha.

3. Turmeric: This golden spice/“Haridra Pramehaharanam” contains curcumin, a compound that reduces inflammation and free radical activity and helps balance the “three doshas” in the body, improves digestion, reduces blood glucose levels, strengthens immunity, and is also an antidepressant.

4. Dalchini (cinnamon): This spice is power packed with antioxidants and has a sweet yet pungent taste. This spice is known to regulate insulin production, boost digestion, improve immunity, heart health and remove ‘Ama’/toxins from the body. It balances ‘Vata’ & ‘Kapha’ doshas and slightly increases the ‘Pitta’ dosha.

5. Coconut Palm Sugar: It is a natural sweetener that is low in fructose and has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar. It is also a good source of potassium, iron and zinc.

6. Cardamom: This spice has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and may also help improve digestion and lower blood pressure. This small spice comes with a commendable amount of potassium & calcium, needed for a healthy nerve function. It also acts as a detoxifier for the body, is diuretic and has also shown to be effective in controlling blood sugar levels. It balances ‘Vata-Kapha’ doshas.

7. Methi (fenugreek): It is a medicinal herb that is high in fiber and has been linked to improved blood sugar control, reduced inflammation and improved digestion. Apart from it being a blood purifier, it decreases insulin resistance, helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body and promotes digestion. It also helps balance the ‘Vata’ & ‘Kapha’ doshas.

8. Cow's Ghee: It is a type of clarified butter that is rich in healthy fats and vitamins A, D, E, and K. It may also have anti-inflammatory properties and may help improve digestion.

Role of Protein in Diabetes & Weight Loss

Protein is a crucial macronutrient that plays a vital role in building and repairing tissues, boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss. When it comes to diabetes management, protein can help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes.

Diabe-choice cookies, incorporates protein-rich ingredients like nuts, seeds, and whole flours that help increase their nutritional value while also providing satiety, which helps curb cravings, prevents overeating and maintains muscle mass which is an area of concern for diabetics and people following crash diets.

Health Benefits of Diabe Choice Cookies

  • Helps balance Vata & Kapha Doshas: The natural ingredients used in Diabe choice cookies have been carefully selected to help balance the Vata and Kapha Dosha in the body. This can help promote overall health and well-being.
  • Normalizes blood sugar levels: Fenugreek, cinnamon and cardamom are known to help regulate blood sugar levels. Their presence in Diabe choice cookies in the right amount, makes it an ideal snack option for people with Diabetes or those who are trying to manage their blood sugar levels.
  • Presence of good fats: These cookies consist of good fat sources such as cow’s ghee, flax seeds that helps boost heart health by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow.
  • Nutritionally Rich: Made of wholesome ingredients such as sorghum, gram & barley flour, these cookies are a good source of fiber, calcium, Vitamin B & E which are all important for improving health and well-being.


Diabe Choice Cookies are Ayurvedic cookies by Butterfly Ayurveda for the diabetics and for all those wanting to check their weight. With their low sugar and carb content, high fiber, protein content and good fats from nuts and seeds, they are an ideal choice for supporting weight loss efforts, managing blood sugar levels and also boosting heart health.

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