Health as The Complete Harmony of The Body, Mind and Spirit

Health as The Complete Harmony of The Body, Mind and Spirit
The message of the Vedas is that each of us must find our own path to live our life to the fullest, for only by making the most of ourselves, can we repay the debt we owe nature for giving us life. Whether we wish to live a life of fulfilling our desires or of spiritual asceticism, we need a sound mind in a sound body to achieve our goals.
We all exist as a unique manifestation of the creative energy of our universe, mother nature. None of us can ever be wholly individual, for nature conditions our individuality. Therefore, individual balance or harmony can be seen as the dynamic interplay of an individual’s mind, body and spirit as well as the relationship between his or her environment. The physical body must be in balance with nature, mind in harmony with the group mind of the society and soul in harmony with the universal force of life.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Svastha’ (Sva ‘Self’ + Stha ‘ established’) means ‘healthy’. The self here is not the Freudian ego, but the power of individual identity, which separates me from you, her, him or them. This ‘I’, also known as ‘Ahamkara’ in Sanskrit perpetually remind us that we as individuals have a body - I, a mind - I, and a spirit - I, which we need to nurture or establish in order to stay healthy. Once we gain this establishment in the self, we will be able to radiate the joy and enthusiasm which we recognize as health.

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