Mental Health Webinar

Mental Health Webinar

In the wake of COVID-19, Butterfly Ayurveda has taken the initiative to launch BAlance.

BAlance is a series of wellness programs designed to promote physical, mental and spiritual health. Through the program, a panel of experts will share the tools and techniques required to increase the self-awareness and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges of life.

The panel, curated by the founder of Butterfly Ayurveda, consists of masters in their respective fields who are involved in authentic and holistic practices related to health and wellness. The program of webinars, workshops and experiences is dedicated towards fostering the well-being of the individual and the community, steering a path towards a healthier lifestyle, and planting seeds for a sustainable future.

Our first LIVE interactive webinar is with Dr. Prerna Kohli, a well-known clinical psychologist and holistic practitioner, on the 2nd of May (Saturday) at 11 am.

Dr. Kohli will be sharing psycho-spiritual tools and techniques to help us manage our anxiety and stress better.

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