Meda Dhatu - The Fat Tissue

Meda Dhatu - The Fat Tissue

Meda dhatu is associated with the fat tissue in the body. It is derived from the muscle tissue ( mamsa dhatu). When medhaagni acts upon the nutritive part of the ‘Mamsa’ dhatu; it leads to formation of fat tissue. In case, the Agni is imbalanced then it may lead to formation of inadequate amounts of fat.

Often misunderstood, the fat tissue is extremely important for optimum functioning of the body. It provides the needful lubrication and nourishment to every cell in the body. It is associated with Kapha ( the water + earth elements) and provides stability and the much required cushioning between the internal organs, and helps establish the connection between the neurons. It helps in the healthy development of bones or ‘asthi’ dhatu.

A well balanced development and maintenance of fat tissue boosts the functioning of the nervous system and all the internal organs. It increases the body’s immunity against diseases, works as a shock absorber, and helps us to develop a healthy relationship with ourselves and those around us. It helps exude #love and #compassion. It brings the much needed softness in us in the different parts of our body - heart, brain and the other fluids present in other body parts.

Excess of fat may lead to obesity, lethargy, high cholesterol, emotional disturbances or a deficit of fat leads to a state of dryness in skin, craving for fatty meat, poor mental health and poor joint health.

It is important that we eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly to maintain a balanced amount of fat, and burn the excess stored in the tissues to avoid lifestyle related disorders.

Fat is stored in the adipose tissues which are found right beneath the skin, between the muscles, in the membranes, within the bone marrow, and around organs. Fat is also stored in the liver. Therefore, the health of Meda dhatu becomes very crucial, since it contains several nerve cells and blood vessels that store and release energy to fuel the body, and also hormones that are vital to the body’s needs.

Certain herbs that help maintain a healthy Meda dhatu are : trikatu, triphala and turmeric. These help increase the metabolic activity of Meda dhatu and produce heat and wastes like sweat.

Some tips to keep a check on Meda dhatu :

- Avoid heavy foods at night, particularly, milk products such as ice creams.
- Exercise regularly, at least for 20 -30 minutes to release toxins and to keep yourselves active.
- Include spices in your food to boost the functioning of the digestive system, and rekindle the digestive fire.

Note : Cellulite - mostly found in women’s thigh region. It is important to note that formation of cellulite is not an issue of excess fat alone, instead it starts with dermal deterioration which sets in when the blood vessels break down and fluid accumulation starts to happen, since normal functioning of fat metabolism cannot be restored. Here, again guided yoga, treatment and lifestyle changes can help bring relief from such a health situation.


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