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Understanding The Kapha Dosha

Kapha dosha is a combination of Water (Jal) and Earth ( Prithvi). It is responsible for structural development and lubrication within the body. It governs the growth of the dhatus (bodily tissues) - the blood, fat, muscles, bones, marrow and other fluids in the body.

Kapha dosha provides the required moistening and softness in the body that allows for proper functioning of internal organs, and tissues, and the nervous system. It is the dosha that is responsible for making us the emotional beings we are. 

It is the presence of Kapha dosha that provides the wetness in the mouth (saliva) which also assists in proper digestion of food and excretion of wastes, the lubrication in between the joints, and softness in the heart and chest that we feel, and many other places within the body. Kapha dosha is very important for nourishment and rejuvenation of cells, and helps the skin to remain hydrated. 

Just like the other doshas, it is present everywhere in the body. One of its prime areas of operation is the lung and chest region. Kapha’s qualities are cold, heavy and moist and when aggravated leads to excess phlegm formation, cold and cough, running nose, sinus, water retention, drowsiness and sluggishness digestion.

Since kapha is responsible for structural development of the body, it is predominantly prevalent in the womb of a mother when the foetus is developing into a baby, and allows for structural development of the spine and flesh etc. of the baby to take place. That is the reason pregnant women are asked to avoid hot potency beverages and foods, like coffee, ginger tea, alcohol etc, since these could subside Kapha, and become an impediment in child’s growth.

During the childhood years, it is the dominant presence of Kapha dosha that allows for a child’s body to transform into an adult body.  Kapha dosha is associated with stability of thought, huge body frame, and heavy bones.  An imbalance of Kapha leads to issues of water retention in the body, sluggishness, drowsiness, and the lack of motivation to move or to want to take action.

Kapha types tend to have a very relaxed and easy going attitude towards life. They have great strength and excellent stamina, when compared to the other two doshas. However, their ‘ Jatharagni’- the digestive fire  is quite weak when compared to the other two doshas, which slackens the digestion process, and makes them not feel hungry for long hours.

Food recommendations for the Kapha types :

 - Spicy food is good for your digestive system, since it stimulates the digestive fire and quickens the digestive process. Moreover, it also stimulates the mind to initiate action, and helps expel out excess phlegm from the body. Therefore, spices are particularly helpful when one catches a cold or has a severe sinus issue. Some spices highly recommended : black pepper, red and green chillies, and the famous indian ‘Garam Masala’.

- Barley flour is particularly suitable for your body type, since it is easy to digest, and has numerous health benefits.  Whole wheat flour and other heavy flours do not appeal to your body type, and may make you feel even more heavy, and would not digest soon enough.

- Green leafy vegetables tossed in olive oil or with any other dressing, with medium spices will help you stay active and alert. This can be coupled with vegetable or chicken soup that will boost the digestion process.

- Herbal teas instead of milk teas will help you keep warm. Our Suprabhat Chai  and Ojas cookies are specifically meant for balancing the Kapha dosha. 


Lifestyle recommendations :

 - Have a fitness regimen to improve flexibility
- Intense workouts which make you sweat will benefit you
- Try to wake up a little earlier than usual in the mornings
- Go for frequent short walks during the day to keep laziness at bay, and meditate to keep your concentration levels high.

When in balance Kapha dosha exudes love, compassion, stability and security in the mind. 



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