Ayurvedic ‘Prakritis’

Ayurvedic ‘Prakritis’
Ayurvedic 'dosha’ – vata, pitta & kapha – is a bio-entity which is an essential part of our body. These are forces which affect our physiological functions, growth, aging, health, immunity etc. One or two doshas predominate within each individual which determines his/her mind-body type or constitution. The unique mind-body constitution defined as one's prakriti.

A deeper understanding of our prakriti can help us make better, more health-oriented choices in life. We can know what kind of diet, exercise, weather, activities etc., are more suitable for us. With scrupulous attention to our lifestyle, we can stay fitter and keep diseases at bay.

Prakritis are mind-body constitutions we inherit naturally from our parents. The conditions of the minds and bodies of the parents during the conception of the child determine the child’s constitution.

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