How Pure is your Blood?

How Pure is your Blood?
Pure blood allows proper functioning of the biological systems whereas impurities in bloodstream make us prone to disorders like severe debility, blood in urine, stomatitis, skin infections, excessive bleeding during menstruation, narcosis, cellulites, internal bleeding, fever, gaseous lump in abdomen etc.

Blood may get contaminated due to various reasons like sluggish detoxification of liver, intake of wrong foods, regular overexposure to wind, suppression of the urge to puke, excessive emotions etc. Preserved foods, fatty foods, heavy foods, black gram, horse gram, curd, sour & fermented beverages, vinegar and oil are some foods detrimental to purity of blood.

Kidneys, liver and lymphatic system are the organs in our body naturally responsible for detoxification of bloodstream. Therefore, an improperly functioning liver can also hamper release of toxins out from blood which lowers haemoglobin. Additionally, toxins may accumulate in blood due to alcohol, drugs, smoking, pollution or weak immunity.

Bloodletting, purgation and fasting are some blood purification mechanisms. Ayurveda recommends blood cleansing as it helps subside excessive pitta. The procedure is also an important part of Panchakarma bio-purification therapy. Further, to cleanse blood means to cleanse all the organs related to rakta dhatu–liver, blood tissue, gall bladder and spleen.

Bitter foods and herbs are effective blood purifiers. They discharge excessive bile and poisons from the system and possess anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & germicidal properties. They also strengthen liver which processes blood before it circulates throughout our body.


It is an excellent herb that eliminates toxins from blood, cools blood and expurgates stagnant blood. It reduces obstructions in blood flow and improves blood circulation. It also clears complexion and makes skin glow naturally. It repairs damage caused to skin tissues and helps heal skin disorders like infections, leucoderma, pigmentation, anomalies etc. It is effective in blood disorders and can bring down uric acid. Its roots have anti-bacterial, diuretic and astringent properties.


It enhances blood circulation and flushes out toxins & impurities from the body.


It cleanses blood with its antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is recommended in blood clotting and skin problems like pimples & acnes.


It allows iron assimilation and toxins discharge from the body to enhance quality of blood. It nourishes blood and improves its circulation to help combat heart diseases.


It detoxifies blood and is useful in skin problems. It is good for alcoholics and smokers to eliminate toxins from blood.

Burdock Root

It assists kidneys in blood purification by discharging acids out from the body. A few other herbs and foods that help cleanse liver and blood are - kutki, fenugreek, aloe vera, turmeric, bitter melon, red clover and goldenseal. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, beet spinach, leaf cabbage, cabbage and broccoli contain chlorophyll that neutralizes acids in blood. Iron rich diet and red edibles like pomegranates & beets allow regeneration of fresh, healthy blood.


It plays a key role in eliminating toxins from the body on a regular basis. Smoking, drugs and alcohol negatively impact the bloodstream and hinder the process of detoxification.

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