Busting The Myth That Chai is Bad

Busting The Myth That Chai is Bad

We Indians can’t dream of beginning our days without a ‘slurp’ of tea. And, after all these centuries of chai, we get to hear “stop drinking tea with milk, it’s bad for health”!

Drinking milk tea is bad for health is a big myth.
Here’s why-
Drinking milk tea causes acidity.
Milk tea can cause acidity if it has been overboiled, or has not been consumed right after being freshly prepared. Over boiled milk and tea leaves can harm your insides and make the tea bitter in taste. Drinking leftover/ stale tea or cold tea or reheated tea can cause acidity.

Milk tea carries too much sugar.
One can always add sugar to taste in their tea. Sugar is pitta shamak, therefore, helps in reducing heat in the body, helps reduce inflammation and since sugar in water and milk directly enters the bloodstream, the benefits of the tea spread into the whole body, at once. It is good to put a little bit of sugar in your tea, especially when you have ginger or masala chai to pacify the pitta, that can be aggravated due to use of ginger or masala. This also helps in avoiding acidity. If you are a diabetic person, you may add a natural sweetener in your tea.

Milk tea is not good for digestion.
Freshly prepared milk tea with added herbs helps in digestion, since it boosts the Jatharagni - ‘the Digestive Fire’.

Tea Story-Things To Consider Before You Get Your Next Cup

Quality of tea is prime to the kind of health benefits it can provide. When the quality of tea is poor, it instantly hits the stomach, when the quality is good, one experiences a soothing sensation. It is important that you choose good quality tea leaves for your daily consumption.
What you mix with your tea is important. Today, a lot of brands have come out with artificially flavoured or extract based masala chais, which when consumed regularly can have a harmful effect on the body. Look out for tea blends that use no artificial flavours, extracts, colours and preservatives.
Overall, tea is an excellent choice of beverage, since it carries polyphenols that helps improve or treat digestion issues, weight management difficulties, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular disease.

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