Brewing Up A Storm With In-House Manufactured Ayurvedic Teas, Herbal Infusions & Capsules

Brewing Up A Storm With In-House Manufactured Ayurvedic Teas, Herbal Infusions & Capsules

Indulgent, aromatic, and nostalgic, few can resist the robust, spice-infused flavor of Butterfly Ayurveda's Desi Masala Chai. This signature CTC blend illustrates a beautiful marriage of a CTC Assam black tea with fresh herbs and spices of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, and Black Pepper. Bold and spicy with sweet after notes, this luxury chai blend is one of a kind!

Apart from Desi Masala Chai, Butterfly Ayurveda's core range of herbal teas include a trio of dosha balancing Ayurvedic teas (Suprabhat Chai, Shubh Saanjh Chai, Ratri Chai) specifically designed for different times of the day.

A must-have brew in your herbal tea cabinet is our Suprabhat Chai, a sweet and refreshing blend of Tulsi, Mulethi, Brahmi, and Black pepper, brewed together with Darjeeling green tea leaves. This Kapha balancing elixir helps improve concentration, boosts immunity, and aids liver health.

Realizing the need for caffeine-free teas that address lifestyle-related health issues, we further launched a range of 100% natural, floral, leaf and pure herbal infusions such as Love your body infusion, a detoxifying blend of rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs, Heart strong infusion, a heart strengthening elixir that helps boost heart functioning, and lowers cholesterol levels.

1. Sourcing

Our diverse range blends are made from 100% natural, sustainably sourced herbs and spices, blended with the quality tea leaves sourced from the gardens of Assam and Darjeeling.

Establishing an ancient connection between leaf and land, we source quality raw materials from reliable vendors with certified farms, or small-scale, marginal farmers within India that carry a certificate of analysis, and turn them into unique herbal tea blends.

2. Natural Blending

Tea blending is an art form as much as it is a science. To ensure that we offer a cup full of flavor and benefits, we blend all our herbal teas and infusions carefully and naturally to preserve their taste, aroma, and goodness. We use no artificial flavors, colors, scents or preservatives added.

Our blend preparations are guided and backed by scientific research methodologies, technically sound methods, infused with the wisdom of Ayurveda that help create blends that please the palate, balance the tridoshas, help alleviate lifestyle-related ailments, and nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

3. Sustainable Packaging

We use sustainable packaging for all our products including recyclable, and less processed materials such as cardboard, biodegradable paper, and jute strings. Our biodegradable herbal tea bags are made of corn and wheat starch. Our packaging is stylish, easy to carry and hang onto the kitchen hooks and establishes the brand as a lifestyle choice.

Our beautiful, vibrant, eco-friendly packaging makes for exquisite gifting options that are perfect for festive occasions and celebrations. Butterfly Ayurveda teas are made with whole herbs and select tea leaves that are perfect for an evening soiree. Its luscious taste and captivating aroma make for an indulgent tea drinking experience for every occasion.

4. Manufacturing

Earlier this year, Butterfly Ayurveda received its GMP license for its in-house manufacturing facility. Located in Manesar, Haryana, this GMP-certified and FSSAI-licensed facility is designed as per WHO-GMP standards and protocols and ensures high-quality standards and adherence to pharmacopoeial quality standardization.

Styled with contemporary architecture, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a ground-breaking laboratory, and high-tech machinery which includes a stainless steel tray dryer, a stainless steel vibro-sifter, semi-automatic horizontal blender with a capacity of 125 - 150 tonnes per month, metal detector, pyramid tea bag machine with a capacity of 600000 tea bags/ month to ensure safe and efficacious processing of raw material, blending and packing. The unit is GMP-certified by the department of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddhi, and Homeopathy) for the production of Herbal Teas, Powders, and Ayurvedic Capsules.

We adhere to the highest quality standards and follow sustainable practices to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. All the processing and storing are done within GMP panels and temperature-controlled rooms. Furthermore, all our finished goods are tested for Organoleptic parameters, Physico-chemical parameters, Heavy metals, and Microbial load.

Butterfly Ayurveda's manufacturing facility does third-party new product development and manufacturing, bulk packaging of Ayurvedic tea blends and herbal powders, Ayurvedic medicines, herbal infusions, also, white labeling or private labeling for products.

The facility has catered domestic orders, as well as international orders that range from supplying to the New York Ayurveda Centre, NY, USA to Natureols, Switzerland, to distributor networks within Vietnam, and more.

Offering the highest quality product to our customers and being transparent is of utmost importance to us and having in-house manufacturing has enabled us to work on innovative products and further improve the quality and essence of our products, cut down excessive cost, which has made us a credible seller of Ayurvedic products within the Indian & global market.

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