Doshas: Forces That Run Throughout The Body


‘Doshas’ work as energies through the body. It is vital for them to be maintained in balance for a healthy being. Their composition within the body makes up for the mental and physical aspects of an individual’s personality. They have a very intricate, deep and intertwined relationship with one another, and if one of the three doshas is out of balance, it can easily put the other two out of balance.

Doshas are biochemical and physiological forces that run through the body. They are present in every cell of the body, and are responsible for all kinds of functioning in the body. They are present in different proportions in each individual. 

What are the Tridoshas? 

The tridoshas are the three doshas that are the combinations of different elements 

Vata (Air + Space), popularly referred to as the airy dosha, and has the properties of being cool, dry, and unstable

Pitta (Fire + Water),  popularly referred  to as the fiery dosha, and has the properties of being hot, light and oily


Kapha ( Water + Earth), popularly known as the watery dosha, and has the properties of being cold, heavy and moist

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of doshas in the body results in a disease, even if it is a slight cold or a cough. 

Different permutations and combinations of the doshas make for each person's unique body constitution which is known as the ‘Prakriti’. This Prakriti cannot be changed, however, an understanding of our Prakriti empowers us to make better decisions with respect to our health and life.

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