Vata Tendencies

Vata Tendencies - Butterfly Ayurveda

Vata types tend to be free flowing, artistic, enthusiastic and light headed. The elements of highly dynamic and mobile ‘Air’ (Vayu) and the limitless empty ‘Space’ (Aakash) , allows for these qualities.
They are light on their feet. They tend to be petite, or tall but mostly have a lean & thin body frame. They have light bones, thin hair and sensitive skin.

Health problems of arthritis, joint pain, fractures or osteoporosis, gas related issues, urinary disorders, migraine, or variating blood pressure levels are mostly a result of imbalance in Vata, that also affects the colon health, and could lead to excessive dryness within the large intestine, leading to constipation, ama (toxins) formation and then adversely affecting the health of bones, skin, nails and hair.

Vata types particularly enjoy movement oriented activities. They can come across as very fidgety or jumpy. This is primarily because of their fluctuating energy levels which can go from being very high to suddenly being very low. They tend to feel hungry after every short interval, however are not big eaters since their digestive fire is always variating. Warm and cooked meals can be particularly invigorating for them.

Certain foods recommended for the Vata types :

Winter foods for the Vata types: Freshly cooked daliya with warm milk, apple stew, freshly cooked north indian ‘thali’, mutton gravy with rice, urad dal, cooked vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and beans.

Summer foods for the Vata types  : Vegetable Poha, a warm balancing indian meal, well cooked mutton and chicken with gravy, cooked eggs with whole wheat bread with a generous amount of white butter that could do them a great deal of good.

Light foods for the Vata types  : Soothing soups as per season, khichdi with medium spiced pickle, vegetable pulao. Consuming cow ghee is very good for them to help get rid of dryness, and improve joint lubrication.

It is good for them to conserve their energy levels and give it a focused direction. A good routine and creative activities like meditation, dance, singing, pottery, cooking, gardening, yoga, pranayam and practices of Qi gong, Taiji can bring a sense of joy and fulfillment to the ever curious Vata types.


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