Understanding Pitta Dosha

Understanding Pitta Dosha Butterfly Ayurveda

Pitta Dosha, a combination of Fire (Agni) and Water (Jal) elements, is responsible for metabolism, digestion, purification of blood, and transformation within the body. Pitta is a fiery dosha and its primary area of operation is between the navel and the diaphragm. 

The presence of Pitta in the form of ‘Jatharagni’, the digestive fire, helps in the digestion of food. Therefore, it is advised to avoid drinking water right before or after a meal. This tends to douse the digestive fire, leading to slow digestion. If this becomes a habit and is pursued regularly, then it also leads to a build-up of ‘ama’, known as toxins, in the stomach, liver, and small intestine. This can cause problems like chronic acidity or even hyperacidity.

Seat Of Pitta

The liver is the seat of Pitta. Pitta is responsible for the secretion of bile and supports the liver and spleen functions which help with all the digestive processes such as metabolism of food and extracting energy from it to keep our bodily functions intact.

Bile is secreted by the liver and is stored in the gallbladder. It helps in the metabolism of fats, absorption of nutrients, and aids protein synthesis. It also helps support the healthy functioning of the liver and spleen, eliminating toxins from the blood, and helping in the regeneration of red blood cells, which promotes skin health. 

Imbalanced Pitta

When Pitta goes out of balance, it can lead to build up of excess heat in the liver, leading to anger, aggression, irritation, and frustration. It also causes acidity, liver and gallbladder disorders, inflammation, and dryness in the hands and reduces the glow in the skin. The Pitta in the liver is connected with the Pitta in the eye. Therefore, our eye health is directly connected with our liver health.

Moreover, when one finds it difficult to fall asleep or has disturbed sleep, it may be due to excess heat present in the body. This is a sign that your liver may be overheated. This can be caused by numerous reasons, such as eating fatty and heavy foods that are hard to metabolize for the liver, consuming foods with hot potency, or regular consumption of alcohol. 

A well-balanced Pitta is crucial for liver health, eye health, healthy digestion, and the lustre in the skin. A balanced Pitta also helps with the digestion of thoughts and life experiences. Therefore, people with Pitta dominant Prakriti can digest thoughts or experiences faster than others.

Pitta Balancing Herbs

Some herbs recommended for the Pitta types : 

Triphala powder - A blend of Amla, Haritaki & Bibhitaki, Triphala is highly recommended for liver and eye health, and helps keep Pitta and other two doshas in balance. 

Giloy - ‘Giloy, which is also known as  ‘Amrita’ in Ayurveda, is particularly known for its Tridosha balancing qualities.

At Butterfly Ayurveda, we offer a wide range of Pitta balancing herbal infusions some of these are Rose Petal Infusion, Mint Leaf Infusion, and Heart Strong Infusion. We also offer a range of Ayurvedic tonics, medicines, and herbal supplements that assist with numerous lifestyle diseases. For example, our Livofly and Livofly SF are great for detoxifying the liver and are useful for all types of liver problems such as fatty liver, hyperacidity, typhoid, jaundice, and hepatitis conditions. 

We encourage you to incorporate Ayurvedic wisdom in your daily life to improve the quality of your life. In case you are suffering from chronic health problems, we encourage you to reach out to Ayurveda doctors and professionals to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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