Constipation & Healthy Eating Habits

Constipation & Healthy Eating Habits
The condition of the gastrointestinal system (digestive system) in which an individual has hard feces which cannot be expelled easily, is referred to as Constipation. Usually, this occurs when the colon has absorbed lots of water from the food particles that are present in the same. When we experience this incomplete bowel movement it becomes very unsettling and if the condition persists over a period of time then it may become painful. According to Ayurveda, when food is consumed or digested immoderately, conditions such as constipation are likely to occur.

Eating The Vedic Way in Our Daily Routine

According to Ayurveda, if a person’s urine produces a foul odor or if his/ her feces contain undigested food, displeasing in odor and color, and is passed out with lots of gas, Ama (toxins) is present. A substantial coating on the tongue is also an indication of Ama.

One should fast or eat only one meal on days he/she has ‘Ama’ present. This will not permit the accumulation of Ama and cleanses your body.

Avoid eating when you are emotionally unstable (i.e. when you are stressed, angry, depressed, etc.) or immediately after an outward physical strain because you may tend to indulge in eating unhealthy foods or you may not be able to digest the food that you consume.

Prior to your eating, either take a bath or wash your hands and feet.

It is necessary that you eat sitting, facing east, surrounded by people who you love or like being with; and keep soothing music being played in the background to soothe your senses.

Only someone you love should be allowed to cook for you. When all is set, eat alone and silently. (Avoid all conversations, television and electronic devices such as radio, stereo, etc.)

Before and after you eat, give thanks to Nature/God for food.

After you have eaten, drink some yogurt mixed with water to support the Jathara Agni (Digestive Fire). Also, post-eating; clean the mouth, splash some water on your eyes to reduce your vision being weakened as a result of increased Pitta (One of the Tridoshas).

Eating right is necessary to overcome constipation. Butterfly Ayurveda has made Dosha pacifying cookies made from 100% natural ingredients and cow ghee (clarified butter).

Refrain from drinking water right before and after a meal to keep the Jathara Agni active.

Also, try out our rich collection of herbal teas and infusions. In particular, our Shubh Saanjh Chai, which helps in promoting good digestion, and removes gas and flatulence. It is vata shamak. Since, one of the main reasons for constipation is when a person’s vata dosha's cold and dry nature disturbs the colon, thereby causing its proper working to be impeded. It is necessary to live a healthy, well-disciplined life.

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