Obesity & The Role of Yoga

Obesity & The Role of Yoga
Obesity may be defined as an uncurbed accumulation of fat in the body which may impact negatively on one’s health.

Obesity is either hereditary in nature or is caused due to disorders pertaining to the endocrine system, medications, poor lifestyle or as a result of poor mental health. Ayurveda has categorized it as one of the Diseases of Affluence. Affluence, according to Ayurveda; is that state of mind in which one believes that he/she can waste in abundance. The scripture states that diseases such as Obesity are symptoms of this state of mind, which is the real disease!

Effects of Obesity and the Role of Yoga

A person with obesity often suffers from an inferiority complex which causes the obese person to feel that he/she is fatter than the others. Since obesity is something that entails the mind and the body, somatic and psychosomatic practices can help to reduce obesity and other health issues associated with it. Such practices have been prescribed in Ayurveda text since the pre-Buddhist era. Yoga is a part of Ayurveda. Yoga is the union of the mind and body and is a perfect example of such a practice that helps in the betterment of health.

Yoga asanas that help with Obesity: 


The Makarasana or Crocodile Pose helps in relaxation and reduction of belly fat, improved bowel movement and strengthens abdominal muscles.


Mendukasana or the Frog Pose helps in regulating insulin secretion into the blood and is good for cardiovascular health. It increases the flexibility of the thighs, thereby helping remove surplus fat from the thighs. Further, it helps in reducing the excess amount of fat accumulated in the abdomen.


The Asana is translated as the half twisted pose that helps improve the spine’s mobility and bringing down the belly fat, loosening the hip joint, massages the organs present in the abdomen. Further, it provides for making a twist in the body that is great for abdominal muscles.

Chakrasana/ Wheel Pose

This asana helps in removing fat and requires the stretching of abdominal muscles and also works on the upper body and the whole back, thereby bringing down the belly fat.

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