It is The Season to Enjoy 'Meri Adrak Wali Chai'

It is The Season to Enjoy 'Meri Adrak Wali Chai'
The dawn of winters brings in its wake greater chances of catching a cold, cough, fever or flu. A good way to protect yourself is a steaming cup of delicious adrak wali chai.

Cold, cough and fever
By inducing sweat during a fever, ginger helps expel toxins from your body, and calms the body and mind, ensuring a smooth recovery from minor sickness. The antioxidants and chemical compounds like gingerols, zingerone and shogaols present in ginger make it a natural cough and congestion reliever.
Tip: Add a little lemon juice and honey to your ginger tea and sip on it to warm your body in the winter. During warmer weather, you should take this tea just in the morning or before and after meals.

Effect on doshas
Ginger can help expel excessive phlegm, alleviate drowsiness, gallstones, etc. It also helps alleviate cases of gas, pain in the body, insomnia, etc.
Tip: You can drink ginger tea twice or thrice a day before meals to kindle the digestive fire and activate your taste buds.
However, if you suffer from hyperacidity, bitterness in mouth, ulcers or indigestion, you should avoid taking ginger in large quantities.

Boosts digestion
Ginger helps increase gastric juice production and allows nutrients to get better assimilated by your body. So, it is a good idea to drink adrak wali chai both as an appetizer, before meals as well as a digestive aid, after meals.

Other benefits
Abundant in active volatile oils, pungent phenol compounds, calcium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin C and amino acids, ginger tea has wonderful medicinal qualities.
Ginger reduces stomach pain and is useful in irritable bowel syndrome. People with arthritis can lessen inflammation with ginger tea. Moreover, it regulates glucose levels in the body and helps helps cut down excess fat.
Tip: Stir a spoonful of brown sugar in your hot ginger tea to get rid of menstrual cramps.

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