Wishing you a Happy Tea-Wali Diwali!

Wishing you a Happy Tea-Wali Diwali!
Diwali or Deepawali - The festival of lights that gets its name from the tradition of lighting diyas (deepa) in a row (avali) outside our homes to signify the inner light that spiritually empowers us, is one of happiness and of celebrating the victory of good over evil. The beauty of Diwali brings us joy, excitement and hope! When we think of Diwali, we think of streets and houses filled with pretty lights, our homes filled with delicious sweets, our evenings filled with lighting beautiful and fragrant candles and diyas and making rangolis, and above all, a smile on everyone’s face!

While we clean our houses, wear new clothes and pray to our Gods, we must also cleanse our thoughts and pray to our inner Gods on this beautiful festival of lights.

Another event of celebration that we find common to all homes is enjoying the goodness of tea in the company of our loved ones. Children run around and play and shout while the elders all sit together chatting and enjoying each other’s company with tea and delicious snacks. A habit, and a beautiful one, we need tea to enjoy fully! And when we do visit our loved ones, our most valued tradition remains of carrying thoughtful gifts to show them we love them.

So, here’s some beautiful and healthy gift options with herbal teas and handmade ayurvedic cookies to gift your loved ones this Diwali.
If you are looking to make your own gift hamper, get in touch with us here!

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