IMPACT OF COVID - 19 : A Wake Up Call ?


Here are some glimpses of the sea change that coronavirus has brought about in our lives. The covid combat is a buzzer for all of us to reevaluate our lifestyles and approach, both in thought and action. Some factual aspects of these changes are shared below to help us reflect on how we decide to move forward from hereon.

Before COVID-19 hit all of us :
- In the decade before 2020, life had become so fast-paced that none of us had the time to even eat our food in one place. We would rely on the trending ‘takeaways’ and eat on the way to work or on our way to somewhere. We had forgotten what it was like to sit down and eat in peace alone or with someone.

- Artificial hormones were being injected into our fruits and vegetables to make them bigger and look more attractive, and these were being supplied at a higher rate and brought about so many lifestyle-related disorders in people’s bodies particularly, the metabolic syndrome.

- The use of plastic had become incessant in spite of several valuable efforts to curb its make and usage, which had numerous harmful effects on the environment, particularly the water bodies, including the sea.

- The air had become so polluted that all of us had to have air purifiers fitted into our rooms, homes, and even cars.

- The immunity of the body had fallen drastically. Every second person and child was (/is) developing some kind of allergies from fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk, flours, nuts or/and meat.

Some notable changes that Covid has brought about:

Fresh food Vs Takeaway :
The takeaway industry is still booming due to the impact of covid. However, cooking at home has increased. Less processed foods are being consumed instead, freshly prepared warm meals are being eaten that are far more hygienic and healthy. While in India, cooking at home is common to be found, a recent survey shows that about 54% of Americans enjoy cooking at home, and around 33% of them are relying on takeaways. One is also savouring the food one eats, and who he or she eats with.

Natural and Organic foods
We value naturally or organically grown vegetables and fruits even more. Some of us have also started to grow fruits and vegetables at home in kitchen gardens. The global market sales of organic and natural products is expected to surpass 300 bn dollars by 2024.1

The use of plastic
The seas, rivers, and all other water bodies became clean and clear and restored their natural beauty and vitality during the lockdown. The use of plastic, however, has continued to increase due to packaged take out meals and home delivery groceries and the increasing global consumption of face masks and hand gloves, along with the onset of the vaccination process. The global plastic packaging market size is expected to grow from USD 909.2 billion in 2019 to 1012.6 billion by 2021, at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%, mainly due to pandemic response.2 This indeed, imposes a serious threat to sustainability and preservation of our natural reservoirs and resources.  Several sustainable efforts have been made by different types of businesses to take a different route of packaging and avoid the use of plastic, however, with the present conditions the demand surpasses the amount of effort being put to hold its usage.

Air quality Index
We value our breath and air quality much more than we did before. The lockdown had brought about a major improvement in the air quality index of all areas. A striking improvement in the air quality was noticed in the urban areas and industrial areas. However, the air quality is dropping again by the day. It is pertinent for us to gauge all possibilities of reducing the rising level of pollution in the air, since it adds to the severity of the coronavirus.

Physical and Mental Health
The ‘immunity’ conscience has risen as a whole. One is more aware of physical as well as mental health. The impact of COVID -19 on the community as a whole has taken a toll on the service providers of both the industries. These areas continue to demand attention and funds from the government.


Ayurveda and COVID

- There has been a drastic shift in consumer’s tastes and preferences towards homemade food, herbal and ayurvedic products, and adapting to a simplistic lifestyle. The wisdom of the traditional science of ayurveda has proven to be very effective through COVID. In the first six months of COVID, India ran around 122 trials of medicines for Covid, out of which 67 were of AYUSH. An interesting fact to note is that a recent survey shows that youngsters below the age of 35 have become major consumers of immunity boosting ayurvedic products. This evidently shows a conscious shift towards an increasing awareness about sustainable global healthcare in the future. Yet, another study showcases that the global ayurvedic market was valued at US$ 4.5Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 14.9Bn by 2026 at a CAGR of 16.14%.3 

Subsequent to COVID-19, over the months the daily routines of people have become consciously more structured while incorporating a dedicated time to a regimen that helps them to keep calm and healthy.

Connection to the spirit, the universal force has become stronger. People want to believe and do believe that we will all get better.

This change of attitude and realisation that we are completely dependent upon Mother Nature, and that we must set in corrective processes immediately to restore her beauty and bounty is what will take us forward, and help us all to live in harmony. Even though a lot of the processes are still running against her will and growth, the need to acknowledge them and take corrective action is what is of utmost importance now.

Simple Tips to fight COVID-19 and the stress it builds up :

1. Take steam regularly for two minutes to clear the nasal passages and mouth clean.

2. Apply coconut oil in the entrance to the nasal passages before stepping out or coming in contact with outsiders. It creates a thin layer of film on the skin that prevents any kind of bacteria or virus from entering the nose.

3. Gargle every day with salt warm water after coming back home. In case you are experiencing a dry or wet or allergic cough, you may take our cough syrup Bronchiofly.

4. Include herbs like Giloy and Ashwagandha in your diet to build immunity and to destress. In case you are experiencing general weakness or flu-like symptoms you may try our I-immune capsules or Coronafly capsules.

5. Keep your liver healthy. A healthy liver helps fight any disease. If you are experiencing poor liver health or conditions of jaundice, poor appetite, acidity, hepatitis, fatty liver, or cirrhosis, you may take our Livofly Syrup or Livofly SF syrup ( for diabetics).

6. Believe that you are healthy and you will become healthier.

7. Try to take a short nap whenever you can to relax the body and mind.


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