How Does Nature's Cycle Support Our Daily Schedule?

doshas cycle

Being an integral part of nature, the doshas cycle operates through the day. Given this, one could really benefit by doing certain activities at a specific time. 

~2 am to 6 am : the Vata dosha is predominant in our bodies and in the atmosphere. It is the ideal time to wake up, meditate and excrete wastes, both - mental and physical.

*To keep Vata in balance, it is important that we sleep at a suitable time to get the needed hours of sleep and rest.

~ 6 am to 10 am : During these hours the Kapha dosha is predominant in our bodies and in the atmosphere. Our body has rested and rejuvenated overnight, so it’s an ideal time to indulge in strenuous exercise. Due to the presence of Kapha dosha we often need a cup of coffee or tea to kick start the day. Our Suprabhat Chai Lemongrass black is a classic that helps improve concentration and also soothes early morning cold or cough.

*To keep the Kapha in balance it is important that we wake up early and get into our schedule immediately to avoid lethargy or laziness to set in.

~ 10 am to 2 pm : The Pitta dosha is predominant in the body and the atmosphere. Our digestive fire is at its peak so we can easily eat a heavy meal or lunch, especially if the breakfast was taken early or was light in nature. During these hours we also feel super energised that helps us to focus well on whatever we are doing.

* To keep the Pitta in balance, it is important that we avoid too much sun, and not over schedule our day. Taking a break is important for a pitta type. Drinking coconut water once a day during the summers can be very helpful. Our Rose infusion is also very soothing and helps maintain Pitta balance.

~ 2 pm to 6 pm : It’s the time of Vata dosha again. We can tend to feel restless or experience a discomfort of gas or burping. In such cases walking helps. Also, having a cup of a digestive tea could be helpful. Our Shubh Saanjh Chai is specifically designed to help promote digestion during this time of day.

~ 6pm to 10 pm : It’s the time when Kapha dosha is active again. We naturally want to cool down during these hours, and eat light if we want to get to bed early. It’s also a good time to exercise or relax with family and friends. Butterfly Ayurveda’s Ratri Chai, a relaxing herbal infusion is stress relieving and is highly recommended to be taken at the end of the day to keep the tiredness away.

~ 10 pm to 2 am : It’s the time for Pitta again. During these hours, if one has not eaten already, he or she easily tends to feel super hungry, since the digestive fire is robust again. However, if one has already eaten and taken to bed, this fire can help in proper processing of information of the day’s activity within the body and in metabolising food, and nourishing the tissues.

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