Pitta Tendencies And How To Balance Your Pitta In Day-To-Day Life?

how to balance your Pitta Dosha

Pitta dosha is a fiery dosha. It is crucial for Pitta to remain in balance for proper digestion, metabolism, and transformation of any kind to take place within each cell of the body. This is not only with regard to food, but also with regard to  life experiences and thoughts that we experience in our day-to-day life.

Pitta is not just associated with the agni in the stomach and liver to help with digestion and metabolism of food, it is also associated with the agni that helps metabolise the dhatus (body tissues), and help produce quality byproducts (malas or wastes ) such as nails, skin, hair, wax in the ears, etc via the metabolic  processes. 
- An aggravated pitta could lead to combustion of essential nutrients instead of their absorption within the cells, in the body.
- Inflammation of any kind in any part of the body is associated with Pitta imbalance.
- Increase in the body temperature, anger, aggression and irritation are some of the other signals of an imbalanced pitta and dysfunctional metabolism.

People with predominantly Pitta body constitution tend to be quite ambitious, courageous, commanding and hardworking. They are medium build, and have good strength and stamina. Their digestive fire is very high. They enjoy food, and can easily digest large meals at a time. If and when they are hungry, and don’t eat, then he or she may become impatient, and irritable, since the fire inside is so high that since  it doesn't get anything to burn,  it starts to burn the insides. Usually, only a Pitta person knows what he is going through. Such a situation if happens regularly can lead to problems of acidity and anger.

Some of the defining characteristics of Pitta dominant body types ;

- Pitta types always want to be productive and can tend to overburden themselves with very tight schedules.
- Pitta types also have a competitive streak. They make for great leaders and eloquent speakers.
- Being in the sun for too long is intolerable for them, especially when they are not prepared for it.

Some tips to help you balance your Pitta in day to day living :

- Staying in cool and relaxing environments can help fiery Pitta types  soothe their once in a while over disciplinary behaviour.
- Walking next to waterfalls or any flowing water body can particularly relax them, and help balance the agitated Pitta.
- Listening to soft instrumental music or singing can calm the excess fire and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Short holidays and retreats can be helpful in relieving stress, and subsiding the excess heat.

Beverages like coconut water, buttermilk, seasonal fruit juices and sharbat in the summers can be very helpful. Our Rose infusion, and Mint infusion, which are tridosha balancing, particularly help with balancing the Pitta dosha. 

Eating raw fruits : apples, papaya, banana, mango, melons, and litchees are helpful to keep Pitta in balance.  Eating raw salads with green leafy vegetables tossed in light olive oil and less spicy seasoning, with perhaps a dash of lemon for taste is also good.

Pitta types must avoid excessive spicy food on a regular basis, since it can aggravate the Pitta, and cause excessive heat within the body. Intake of too much tea, coffee, alcohol and fermented foods aggravates pitta, and over a period of time, if repeatedly consumed could lead to issues of acidity, constipation, piles and more. Therefore, foods like curd, idli, dosa, and bakery items should be avoided on a regular basis to maintain a healthy pitta.  A well balanced meal consisting of chapatis, rice, dal with light tadka, subzi, freshly prepared, medium spiced, and a little sweet post meal prove to be most satisfying for the Pitta types. 

A balanced Pitta keeps a person hale and hearty!  So, take steps to improve your health today, and incorporate some healthy habits. Live consciously.

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