Why Is Kapha Dosha Important?

Kapha Dosha importance Butterfly Ayurveda

A balance of Kapha dosha within the body is crucial for relaxation, rejuvenation and easy going attitude. When out of balance, Kapha dosha brings drowsiness, heaviness in the body and lethargy in the being. These conditions further aggravate issues of weight gain or weight management, water retention, excessive phlegm formation, kidney stone formation and more. It tends to make one very rigid  and less flexible.

One of the prime areas of operation of Kapha dosha is above the diaphragm. It is particularly very active in the respiratory system. Aggravated kapha leads to excess phlegm formation, a sinus, a running nose and problems with breath. Phlegm and mucus when being formed in excessive quantities  is prone to getting infections and could even lead to formation of pus. Aggravated Kapha also makes the digestive system sluggish that one could live without food for very long, and one may pass excess mucus in their feces. Aggravated Kapha increases emotional disturbances. One tends to become extremely emotional and attached.

Tips to subside aggravated Kapha :

- Get involved in strenuous to medium exercise regimen
- Including spices like garam masala, black pepper, some chillies in your diet that can help fight infections, stimulate the digestive fire and flush out toxins from the body.
- Triphala powder can help flush out mucus from the colon.
- Eating light and avoiding intake of excessive milk and milk products can further help reduce kapha dosha and mucus formation.
- Drink herbal teas like Suprabhat Chai, Moringa and Mint

A deficit kapha dosha, on the other hand, leads to poor and slow recovery from wounds or illnesses, and improper development of bodily tissues, i.e dhatus. It also makes one feel less rooted, and established in self. One could also feel a lack of love and compassion, and dissociated with the surrounding environment.

How to improve Kapha dosha deficit :

- Ensure intake of oils and ghees in your diet in moderation
- Do not eat excess sweets or over processed foods since they give rise to poor quality of dhatu formation.
- Rest and sleep well. Do not overindulge in rest, since that could aggravate kapha, whereas, overindulgence in work could aggravate Pitta.
- Indulge in oil massages, spas, and rejuvenation therapies for utmost relaxation, which supports the bodily tissues to recover and develop adequately.


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