Easy and Healthy Morning Routines for a Productive Day

Easy and Healthy Morning Routines for a Productive Day

We are creatures of habit and the human organism loves routine and thrives when it eats, sleeps and exercises right. During this time of self-isolation, let’s keep our spirits up and create a healthy morning routine for ourselves to have a productive and enjoyable day.

Here are some of the most doable and healthy morning routines that you can do for a productive day - 
Wake Up Early Morning: Rising at dawn can be truly rewarding. The first light of the sun can make you feel blessed and grateful for your life. This time is also ideal for meditation, and excretion of physical and mental wastes. Spend time journaling, reading or just enjoying a morning cup of tea in silence. Spend time surrounded by nature and listening to the ambient sounds around you. A few moments looking inwards first thing in the morning will help you feel calm and grounded through the day.

Washing: Washing your face, hands and feet will help purify your sense organs. Wash your eyes thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove the dirt. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper or a stainless steel spoon. You can even do oil pulling with coconut oil to get rid of all the toxins in your mouth and body. Use a herbal toothpaste which not only takes care of your teeth, but also maintains the health of the gums.

Massage: The health of the skin is directly linked with the health of the digestive tract. A gentle massage rejuvenates the body tissues, makes the skin soft, releases muscle and joint pain in the body, and promotes excretion of wastes from the body. Sesame oil is particularly good for the Vata types, coconut oil for Pitta types and olive or almond oil for the Kapha types. You can use any of these oils to massage your whole body. Avoid massaging your body when you are menstruating or have a cold or fever.

Exercise: Exercise right for your body type. It helps increase the body’s stamina and resistance to disease by facilitating the action of the immune system. Practices such as Yoga and Tai Chi are great ways to energies and stimulate the body. They also help us feel more grounded and help quiet the mind. Do include ‘stretching’ of muscles in your daily exercise regimen, as it helps improve blood circulation and induces relaxation.

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