The Cookie Way to Staying Healthy

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Herbal cookies go a long way in benefitting our health. Carrying the essential Ayurvedic herbs and spices, these cookies are not only a great snacking alternative, but also keeps check of our overall health. From controlling our cholesterol levels to helping us shed a few kilos, these Ayurvedic cookies are delighting to consume and keeps untimely cravings in control.

Here's a range of Ayurvedic cookies that you can find at Butterfly Ayurveda -  

Fruit & Nut Cookies
Not only delicious in taste, our Fruit & Nut Cookies are packed with the right nutrition to boost your overall immune health. As a high-fibre snack, the cookies offer a healthy on-the-go option for times when you are rushing. The cookies are a blend of whole wheat flour, gram flour, barley flour, and rice flour, almonds, poppy seeds, anjeer and more. Barley flour strengthens and cleanses your gut. It also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, while encouraging weight loss. Almonds and pistachios are rich in antioxidants and are packed with healthy fats and proteins. Cow ghee not only improves your bone development, and eye health, it does wonders for your immunity too! So the next time you crave for a delicious snack, this is where you go.

Ajwain Cookies
A great source of taste and healthy benefits for Kapha and Vata Dosha, Ajwain Cookies are our best bet for all your gut troubles. Ajwain alleviates gas and discomfort in the stomach, and barley flour helps balance gut bacteria. The cookies are particularly beneficial for the kidneys and respiratory system as Ajwain provides relief from coughing and has anti-inflammatory properties and cow ghee promotes digestion. 

Diabe Choice Cookies
A sugar-free dose of snack for those with diabetes, and the ones who are trying to keep away from Sugar. Diabe cookies are not just sugar free, but also a rich source of fibre and Vitamin C. With whole wheat flour, sorghum flour, gram flour, blended to a crunchy perfection with sesame seeds, and linseed, and a dash of cinnamon and coconut powder - they are definitely mouth watering! Linseed is our favourite choice for adding omega-3 fats to a cookie that already helps with digestion, keeps the heart healthy, and your gut, free from any kind of bacteria. Another powerhouse of nutrients in our Diabe Choice Cookies is Turmeric. Regular intake of this golden spice promotes healthy metabolism and overall mobility, keeping a check on cholesterol levels. 

Prana - Vata Pacifying Cookies
Our Prana cookies boost digestion, help enhance stamina, while pacifying Vata. People with Vata constitution must consume hot soups with some cumin seeds and asafetida to ward off indigestion and cleanse the gut, and that’s exactly why Prana cookies could be their go-to-snack. It is light to digest and has the goodness of whole wheat flour, black gram flour, semolina, cumin, turmeric and mint. 

Ojas - Kapha Pacifying Cookies
Ojas cookies are high fibre cookies, packed with the goodness of barley flour, sesame seeds, turmeric, and cow ghee. Kapha is predominant in the early hours of the day and starting your day with a few Ojas cookies and a cup of steaming ginger tea could be the right combination to kickstart the day for people with Kapha Dosha. Sesame seeds reduce inflammation and hypertension. Turmeric promotes the health of the cardiovascular system while boosting stress tolerance and healthy metabolism. 

Tejas - Pitta Pacifying Cookies
Our Tejas cookies are Pitta pacifying and helpful in balancing the extra heat in bodies with Pitta Dosha. Consumption of high potency foods like ginger, heavy spices, and alcohol can create excessive heat inside the body. The cooling and soothing effect of chestnut flour, green gram flour, watermelon seeds, cardamom, and muskmelon promotes digestion and enhances immunity. 

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